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I'm honestly just using this blog as an excuse to kill some time. I just called in sick for possibly the third or fourth time since I've been working. Let's see; I started working officially late December 2011. It's been almost 3 years. Calling in 3-4 times in that amount isn't bad is it? It could be way worse. The worst aspect is the point system which I have mentioned before. It goes like this:

-being late for your shift, or from your breaks/lunch count as a point

-calling in is either a point or half a point

-no call, no show is 4 points.

It's pretty much like that. I'm not entirely sure how many points I'll get for calling in today, but I have a pretty legitimate excuse in that I have seriously been coughing up a lung since I got up a couple hours ago. I've been coughing a lot, my nose is runny as hell, so yeah, I think I'm going to call in. Last time I did anything to get a point I was up to 8, but I think last month I lost a couple so I should be at like 6 or so, I hope.

If not I don't care, I'll just not call in unless I absolutely have to. I might have been able to go in today, but I'd rather play it safe than sorry. I'm probably real contagious. Now I don't work again till Thursday. Pay day is probably going to suck, but if need be I'll just use today as an excuse for why I can't give whatever high amount my sister is asking for this week. I keep using the "my hours suck" excuse, which is working. It's not like she'd possibly know what my hours are like. The past month or two every week has been in the upper 30s/mid 40s, so I've actually been doing decent.

Oh yea, the other thing about the points system is that they stick with you for a year. So many people have been fired for that. You can get up to 12 points, and you have a one-on-one meeting with somebody if you get an even amount so you know where you're at, but they stick with you for a year. It's ridiculous. So, if I'm still working at the store a year from now, I'm going to have this point until October 21, 2014. Scary thought to even consider.

OH MY GOD! Right as I type this, I swear, right when I type this, I hear my sister proclaim: "I got a job!" Holy shit. She applied at Walgreen's and I'm assuming that's where the job is? I dunno, I don't care, this works out good for me because now they're not going to ask for absurdly high amounts of money. This pleases me.

My mom and I are in talks about getting our own place. I'm either moving in with her and her boyfriend or we're getting our own place. They fight a lot so me moving in with them wouldn't be that wise, and I'd honestly love to live with just her and me. She's scared to death that there's something wrong with me because of all the weight I've lost. She thinks I'm on heroin- she actually said that to me. It was really scary and sad because she was on the brink of tears. No mom, I'm not on any hard drugs, I just don't eat because there's not much to eat. I honestly can't even tell you guys the last time I ate a legitimate meal for lunch or dinner. I sometimes eat a bowl or two of cereal for breakfast. Nutrition is my mission! Oh and there's that fact that I walk every single where I fucking go. But with my mom I can probably gain a little of that weight back which wouldn't be so bad; I don't think any of my pants fit, even with the belt I have. Lousy belt not doing its job.

It's gotten to the point where being with Darin and Carrie is awkward as hell. At first, it wasn't, but now, it really is. Every so often they'll kiss, or hug, and you just know they're thinking sexual connotations. And now they're in the process of saying "I love you" to each other every few minutes. On the one hand, good for Darin. I wish I was in love. Or, at the very least, I wish I was in love with someone who felt the same way. According to every psychology thing I've read{Where else but twitter}, "any crush lasting for longer than 4 months indicates love." So if that is true I guess I love "Cute Girl." Never been in love and don't really know what that means, I just know I really like her and she's about all I can think about.

I'm pretty sure I came up with "Cute Girl" over at Terrorvine, feel free to confirm or deny this.

It's going to really suck when Carrie moves away on FRIDAY. To take Darin's mind off it, we're going to go see Jackass: Bad Grandpa. We're probably going to smoke before seeing it and see it all high and shit. We did that with The Conjuring back in like August or whenever and it was a nice experience. I've gotten to the point where being high doesn't make me as paranoid as it used to. I've mentioned the paranoia before; "Oh no someone is going to know I'm high they're going to tell the police!" god, I was stupid. I'm not at all like that now. It just doesn't affect me the same ways. In some ways that fact is sad.

Darin's going to be gone tomorrow and possibly Wednesday. He needs to go pick up a friend in Minneapolis, which is an 18 hour drive, there and back here. I was initially going to go with him for company, but the friend was going to go to college up there and so he has some shit he needs to bring back and there wouldn't be room for me. On one hand, that makes sense, but on the other, it may be an excuse for me to not come since I'm sick and Darin knows I am.

The friend left only a couple weeks ago. It was supposed to be him going on with his life, but I guess he hates it there. Go figure.

Well, until next time, nohomers.


  1. Irvine's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I came up with "Cute Girl" over at Terrorvine, feel free to confirm or deny this.
    I confirm it.