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Things Are About To Change Again

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Recently, I have been hanging out with Darin, his friend Carrie, and her baby son. It's been pretty fun, actually, smoking/drinking with someone else. Carrie is 21 so she can buy alcohol, but on top of that it's just fun chilling with someone else other than just Darin, even if it can be uncomfortable some of the time. They like each other big time.

Unfortunately, Carrie leaves on the 25th, next Friday. She's moving to the other side of the state. It sucks. Darin's going to be real upset that day and so we're talking about seeing Jackass: Bad Grandpa, which comes out that day, to take his mind off her leaving.

And tomorrow, I find out if I can go live with my mom and her boyfriend, for real this time, which sucks no matter what the outcome; if I stay here, I'm going to be upset because of my sister, and if not, I'm moving to a new place with no friends or anything. Sure it's not that far away and I'm pretty positive I could still see Darin a few times a week, but it still sucks. He's looking to get out of his house where he lives with just his mom, and last month he was in talks to move with Carrie(that's a no-go, now at least).

But he has a job and he gets tips and decent hours and I'm scared when he saves up enough, he will go. I mean, I want him to be happy, but it's sure going to suck not seeing him as much, or gulp; ever.

I dunno what's going to happen these next couple weeks, but I do suspect they're going to be sad.


  1. Sam's Avatar
    soak carrie in blood