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A drunk Bitch Almost Beat Me Up

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Last night, I was chilling with Darin and a couple of his friends. Well, one was a friend, the other was a friend of the friend. Both girls- one named Kim, the other Carrie.

Kim bought a couple 5ths of vodka. It was iced tea Burnett's, and it's fucking good. Two of those between 4 people= pretty buzzed. It was the drunkest I'd been in a while, but unlike previous times, I didn't get sick which was great.

Anyway, we were all playing some drinking card game, when I was told to shuffle the deck. At this point, I was pretty buzzed and didn't want to, so I tried stalling so someone else would. Kim starts getting pissed off at me, and so I start laughing, which was a HUGE mistake. If Carrie wasn't there and holding her back, I probably would've got an ass beating. Just for laughing at her threatening me, which started because I didn't want to shuffle some cards. The angrier she got the harder I laughed and I couldn't stop because of the buzz going on.

Girl's pretty psycho, she cut some of her hair because Darin didn't think she'd do it. She's one of those people who will do what you tell her you don't think she'd do. She's kind of unpredictable and it's kinda scary being around her, but hey I got drunk last night so there's that.

Oh yea we also watched This Is The End, which I'd seen before but still, it's really funny. Anyone who hasn't seen it, see it.


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    God, the name Carrie made me think of... yeah, I'm obsessed.