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This is Probably Going to be a Daily Thing

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I'm probably going to be doing blogs daily, or at the least, a lot more. For one it's good for relieving stress; I got a lot off my chest in my last blog and it felt really damn good. I know I'm not the most interesting person ever or anything, so here's a summary of what my upcoming blogs will be about:

-upcoming tv show episodes or movies I'm excited for

-how my day was

-any bullshit that I need to vent over

basically stuff like that. Exciting huh.

Anyway, today was OK I guess. It rained pretty much all day. I worked from 7:30-4 and it rained probably 75 percent of the day. That... wasn't fun. But my last hour I got to be inside and do stuff like trash, lane returns, etc. so that was nice. I don't get to be inside a lot. Primarily all I do is push carts. But there's stuff to do inside. Clean bathrooms, lane returns/trash, mopping, etc. Glamorous work eh.

Now that I'm home I'm just going to take it easy, board on here, listen to music, etc. I made a vow on my twitter that if I didn't write for at least 25 minutes to a half hour today, I would give up writing for good. So there's that. I really do need to focus. I have a crazy plan to get out there and show people my work but it's too crazy for me to say. I'll talk more about that in the future.

Right now that's the only thing that can make me happy; thinking about my future. Thinking about how, hopefully, one day, I can make my own TV Show{s}, doing what I love: entertaining people. One day...

Also, anybody on here who follows me on Twitter, excuse some of the tweets recently. I keep tweeting shit about love and "Seeing your face", and you guys know who I'm talking about, but I just can't stop. I've... never quite felt like this about a person before. Some of those are song lyrics but some of them come from deep within. Yeah. So excuse those. I'll try to keep it down because I've been doing it for a while but recently I've been doing it a lot more. I just... yeah, never felt like this about anyone before. It's kinda scary.

Later guys.


  1. Irvine's Avatar
    Yay, regular blogs again!

    You've got a reader