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Being Consumed By High Levels Of Stress

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I haven't made a blog in a while, and I don't know where else to talk about stuff like this aside from the lounge, but I don't want to bore people with what is about to be an incredibly long rant about my life{hey, you read this that's your choice, I need to vent and this is about the only way I can think of}.

1. That dude who 'borrowed' money from me back in like May or June or whenever the fuck that happened? Yeah, he still hasn't paid me. That's not the worst of it. He's still trying to sell me shit. Like, really man? How the fuck are you going to try selling me ANYTHING when you know goddamn well you OWE ME MONEY. How stupid do you have to be? "Well, I know I owe this guy money, but I also know he likes to smoke! Maybe he'll buy some from me!" Um, no. Either you give me some freebies or you stop fucking bothering me until you have the money. If this was like 20-30 bucks, OK, but this is triple digits. I just want to fucking get paid. Everyday I feel like a chum, and every so often he hits me up on Facebook and it pisses me off because he's almost always trying to sell to me. PAY FIRST THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT BUYING AND SELLING.

2. Yea, you guys know what this is. My sister and brother-in-law. I mentioned a few times how shitty my iPhone was. Well, I finally got a new one. Decent phone, prepaid, 35 bucks a month will get me unlimited texting, web, and like 200 minutes or something. Good! The bad?

Well I spent more on it than I thought I would. I honestly wasn't expecting to spend anywhere over like, 60-70 on it, but I spend over 100. But I love it so it's not too big a deal.

The problem is, of course, 'rent.' I don't know why they call it that. They might as well call it "Hey! We need money and you're the only one with a job here. Give us some cash." How far does this have to go before they realize they're being dicks about it? Do I seriously have to tell them, in person, that they're being unfair?

Like, I don't want to complain; I have a roof over my head, a place to sleep... that's really it. Food? I usually buy stuff. I've been living off almost nothing but Ramen Noodles for almost half a year now. Drinks? Yea, milk. So, I pay them 50 a week for... milk, sometimes cereal/tv dinners... that doesn't equal 50.

I usually have no problem giving 50, but the past like 3 weeks it was fucking 80. One week my sister texted me, saying "Sorry, we need 80" and I gave 'em 80 to be nice. But then the next two weeks it was like recurring, to the point where it might as well have changed to me owing them 80 a week, which is fucking nonsense. On a good week, that would be over half my pay. Luckily, I've been getting 40+ hours because one of the guys in my department is on vacation. But I think he's coming back next week, so my hours will drop to the 30s/20s I reckon. On weeks like that, I tilt towards 150-160 total, sometimes more. So giving 80 would literally be half my pay. I told them I wouldn't be able to do that anymore.

But shouldn't I, you know, be exempt from paying for like... a while? If I gave 80 a week for 3 weeks, that's 240... 50 for 3 would be 150... shouldn't I be given a pass here and there for giving them EXTRA? And I'm never, EVER going to forget the time they needed 70, which was literally ALL I HAD LEFT AT THAT POINT. I was 5 dollars short, and my brother-in-law came down, got the money, pointed out the 5 I was short, and said "You need to get another job."

HOW. THE. FUCK. Are you going to tell me I need "Another" job when neither of you has one at all? They're literally depending on me, a part-time cart pusher, to provide for them and his kids. If I was full-time and guaranteed 40+ hours a week, fine, but the simple truth is, I'm not. And it certainly doesn't help when they say they 'need' money. I 'need' money too. I'm the one working and actually have a job, and neither of them is looking{mostly my sister since he's disabled from a motorcycle accident}.

One week I gave them 100 and the next week I gave them 50. Surely I could've skipped a week?

Then those weeks I gave them 80.

Then, there was a month I lost my money card. When I got it back I apparently owed like 230 dollars. Um... it was gone for 3-4 weeks. At 50, 3 weeks would've been 150, 4 would've been 200... where'd the other of that come from?

I really wish I had kept track of all the times they 'borrowed' money from me before they started calling it 'rent'. I'd totally sue them. I've had enough. Thursday was like the one day I actually looked forward to, because I had money to make it through another week, but now it's like "Oh god... Thursday. How much money they going to ask for this week?"

If you're going to have someone pay you weekly, at least be consistent and fair. If you need an extra 20-30, take it off next week. There have been so many times where that happened, they said they would, and then next week rolls around and "Oh! We need full rent this week."

The thing that fucking sucks giant dick is the fact that I know, next week, they're gonna want double. "Well you missed last week." It's like, in all the weeks that I've paid{every fucking week since they started this over a fucking year ago}, there's been TWO FUCKING INSTANCES where I couldn't pay{not counting the time I didn't have my card}; this week, and the week I let that asshole who calls himself my 'friend' borrow money. And of course, they focus on those weeks and not all the times I've helped them.

Am I wrong here? Is it time to have a talk with them? Try and work something out? The stress levels is so high. "Oh boy it's Thursday! Pay day!" has become "Oh god, it's Thursday... please don't ask for more than 50, please don't ask for more than 50...{checks phone, gets text message} GODDAMN IT."

but on the plus side I got a new phone and I love it.


  1. The Goode Family's Avatar
    oh my god

    dielark d'ohnes is santa
  2. Walid's Avatar
    ho ho ho
  3. ManiacalRoboKiller's Avatar
    WHAT!? A Blog that ISN'T a dumb joke or non-sequitor!? Well this is just MOST unorthodox!

    *Rabble Rabble Rabble*

  4. ManiacalRoboKiller's Avatar
    But seriously that really sucks man though I'm glad you found some happiness with your phone. I hate people who like to leach on others and then have the nerve to tell that person they are leaching off that they don't know what they are talking about or how they tell you, how you an do things better. When they should be getting their shit together.
  5. Walid's Avatar
    This is what I did over at back when they had blogs- blog everyday and blog about serious stuff, sometimes joking but usually serious. It was a good way to vent and I may start doing it here on a consistent basis.