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Than Wyenn Memorial Productions

the big bang theory - my spec script

Rating: 5 votes, 4.80 average.
fuck you

Updated 04-11-2015 at 02:19 PM by The Goode Family



  1. Sam's Avatar
    bojangles, the new hit catchphrase for the youngsters
  2. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
    A triumph.
  3. Shaunbadia's Avatar
  4. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    Well it started off bad, it trailed off a bit towards the middle, and the less said about the ending the better, but except for that - it was brilliant.
  5. Rembrandt Q. Einstein_1's Avatar
    Are you kidding? The ending was brilliant! I certainly didn't see it coming, but it felt a natural way to close the story!

    Top job, LOL!
  6. Judge Fudge's Avatar
    stop stealing scripts from chuck lorre bitch
  7. Sam's Avatar
    imo? bojangles > fuck you
  8. tyler's Avatar
    this ones pre good too