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There was a kid who dressed up as Luigi for Halloween

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Saw a family doing Trick or Treating tonight, where the parents had a baby in a stroller dressed up as Toad from Super Mario Bros., one kid was dressed up as Luigi, and the other kid... Was dressed up as Iron Man.

Made me wonder why the kid dressed up as Luigi and not Mario.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Luigi... But he's the #2 guy, the Second Banana. I could see a scenario where his older brother wanted to dress up like Mario, so he went with Luigi. But to go straight for Luigi first... Well, that's an odd choice. Who would rather be the sidekick?

...Eh, maybe the kid just really liked "Luigi's Mansion".

(Or maybe it's Iron Man's fault for messing up the coordinating costumes.)


  1. Blake's Avatar
    You'd be surprised how big his fanbase is. I'd take Luigi over Mario any day