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False Hope

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This feeling sucks.

As you guys know I like a girl that used to be a utility worker like me. "Cute Girl" is what I call her on here. I don't know much about her because she never really talked. She was real quiet. I never really talked to her, mostly because I'm relatively shy around girls and because she was already in a relationship so anything I said could be misconstrued.

Anyway, I have a problem; whenever I get a friend request on Facebook I always somehow convince myself it's her. "Oh, she sent me one because we have so many mutual friends!" Then I click on the friend request and it's always somebody else. I mean, it shouldn't be surprising; why would someone I worked with who barely talked to me ever wanna be friends on Facebook? But it sucks each and every time.

I've thought about sending her a request but I doubt she would accept it for that reason, we barely know each other and we barely talk. It sucks. I would love to know more about Cute Girl, but I'll probably never get the chance. And that false hope freaking sucks. It's not like I get friend requests often. But recently every single one I've managed, for a few seconds, to convince myself it's from her. It sucks.

What are examples of false hope you guys can share


  1. ManiacalRoboKiller's Avatar
    The fact that I thought me and my girlfriend were going to work out. I had false hope that we were planning on moving in together and we were gonna have kids a few years down the road. But alas she said "she wasn't happy and she stopped loving me" and I kid you not 4 hours later she says she's moved on...That is impossible to move on that quick she had to have been cheating on me. But she was a bitch to me anyway and I was being a bitch too as I kept going back to her...we had fought many times but I ended up caving each time. One of my friends that is a girl wanted to slap the shit out of me for keep going back to her I wish she would've because maybe it would've knocked some sense into me.
  2. Kid Moe's Avatar
    Maybe you just need to talk to "cute girl". I mean, I'm no expert when it comes to girls, hell I'm probably shyer than you are, but you have to try. Gte to know her, and after a month or so, ask her if she wants to see a movie or something. Also, go ahead and send her a friend request.
  3. ManiacalRoboKiller's Avatar
    Yeah what Kid Moe said I'm the shyest mother fucker around! It took me forever to ask that girl I mentioned above out (granted it was the wrong call get my gist).
  4. Sam's Avatar