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Oh, that's raspberry!

My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 17, Part 4(Conclusion)

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17.)Homer's Paternity Coot - 2.5/5
18.)The Wettest Stories Ever Told - 2.5/5
19.)Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play - 2.5/5
20.)Million Dollar Abie - 2.5/5
21.)Bonfire of the Manatees - 2/5
22.)Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife - 2/5

I'll begin with the two Grampa episodes even though they aren't ranked consecutively. "Homer's Paternity Coot" involves Homer more which is probably why I enjoy it more, though the two are on the same level of mediocrity. I remember watching "Million Dollar Abie" and liking it months before this re-watch, then liking it a lot less during the re-watch. I think the strongest jokes are Grampa's image request during his euthanasia.....yeah....and the newspaper headline. The episode itself is very strange though; Grampa considering suicide? Bullfighting? Bulls riding balloons? It feels very wacky and yet still manages to be forgettable. "Paternity Coot" is the more effective story even though we know the end result right from the beginning. Plus I've always sort of liked the opening set-up with the frozen mailman and the toll booth.

"The Wettest Stories" is our third and last trilogy episode and it isn't very good. It's ok I guess but again, extremely forgettable. I don't know why they decided they needed three trilogy episodes in a single season but I guess they must've either had fun writing them or thought we enjoyed them or something I dunno. The best segment is the Poseidon Adventure parody which is of course much better if you've actually seen the film from the 70s it parodies. I happened to see it several times from a very young age so I was pleased on some level that I was able to recognize it. The Mayflower has some religion jokes that are ok and the middle story has something I'm sure...

I guess this season wasn't too good with the Homer and Marge marriage crisis plots...although "Couple Play" isn't really one of those. As I said in the review it actually flips that idea upside down, but it doesn't really help the episode much. It has its cute moments but it is extremely forgettable like I've said for a great deal of this season. "Manatees" is even worse in that regard and I honestly thought it was gonna be the worst episode on my list going in to this re-watch. I mean the idea is pretty absurd to begin with but they don't really go anywhere with it anyway. Santa's Little Helper's cousin and Burns and Smithers washing the manatee are the only things I remember enjoying about the episode, and I usually forget the SLH connection. People say they do too many Homer and Marge relationship episodes, and I think I agree, but the later seasons CAN still do good ones. I mean one of my favorite Season 18 episodes falls under this category. Season 21 had "The Devil Wears Nada." I've seen that episode at least 5 times thanks to my local syndication's tendency to only air HD episodes(although now for the past few weeks they've shown only Season 6, naturally) and I can say I still see it as a highly enjoyable experience. "Manatees" is weaker than "Couple Play," but not by much among these 22 episodes.

It would have to take something rather weak to top "Manatees" and Ricky Gervais provides it in "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife." I was amazed at the early reviews for this episode here when I read them, some even by the harshest of critics. The consensus, if I recall correctly, was at least it was something new. Something different. Of course...what they didn't seem to say was how this was something garbage! If the episode ONLY tackled the wife-swapping parody it would get a 1/5 because I find just about nothing from that point on as either funny or entertaining. What I DID enjoy was the set-up at Lenny's. Homer's love for TV is something the show stopped doing for some reason during the last decade plus. It still pops up, but not nearly as much as I'd like. I loved the idea of Homer remembering key moments from the 20th Century by watching them on TV. I loved his "ass-groove" and how protective he was of it in I wanna say "Bart Carny." So yeah, I enjoyed Homer obsessing over an HD TV. It, and the very tiny call-back at the end, are the only things I like about this episode. I guess I'm just not a fan of the Ricky Gervais brand of ramble on, awkward humor. I hated him in "Angry Dad: the Movie" as well, but we'll get there eventually I suppose.

Final List:
1.)The Seemingly Never-Ending Story - 5/5
2.)The Girl Who Slept Too Little - 5/5
3.)The Monkey Suit - 4.5/5
4.)Marge's Son Poisoning - 4/5
5.)My Fair Laddy - 4/5
6.)Treehouse of Horror XVI - 4/5
7.)See Homer Run - 3.5/5
8.)Regarding Margie - 3.5/5
9.)We're on the Road to D'ohwhere - 3/5
10.)The Last of the Red Hat Mamas - 3/5
11.)Simpsons Christmas Stories - 3/5
12.)Bart Has Two Mommies - 3/5
13.)Milhouse of Sand and Fog - 3/5
14.)Kiss, Kiss Bang Bangalore - 3/5
15.)Girls Just Want to Have Sums - 3/5
16.)The Italian Bob - 2.5/5
17.)Homer's Paternity Coot - 2.5/5
18.)The Wettest Stories Ever Told - 2.5/5
19.)Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play - 2.5/5
20.)Million Dollar Abie - 2.5/5
21.)Bonfire of the Manatees - 2/5
22.)Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife - 2/5

And that's Season 17. As you can see my list is most likely a lot more generous than yours but if you haven't figured that out about me by this point you should understand now. It's a pretty average Jean-Era season, which is a notable step down from Season 16, which again I enjoyed very much. i'd say up to "See Homer Run" or maybe even "Regarding Margie" are the really enjoyable episodes. Everything after that isn't worst episode awful, but at least somewhat forgettable and just "ok" for the best. Having rated Season 11 before this I can say that on the whole this is more enjoyable and so it isn't worst season ever material either, but it's likely in the bottom portion or close to it. I hope Seasons 18 and 19 turn out to be more enjoyable. I can still remember some of 19 pretty good from syndication but 18 is mostly forgotten. I might go back to Season 12 next though I'm not sure. Feel free to suggest one of these three seasons in the comments if you want. I'm probably not gonna begin watching whichever season I do pick for awhile anyway. Next time I'll try to group this batch of 22 episodes into the overall list.


  1. hutz's Avatar
    I'm glad you put Manatees really low. Hated that one with a passion
  2. zartok-35's Avatar
    The toll booth opening of Paternity Coot is exactally why its so shitty. It's annoying and unrealistic, easily one of the worst things ever done. All these, except maybe Wettest Stories, deserve 1/5. Thanks for putting This Is Your Wife at the bottom, though!
    Updated 10-06-2012 at 10:16 PM by zartok-35
  3. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    Well I respectfully disagree with your opinion, and must admit you come off sounding rather rude here zartok, but thanks!
  4. zartok-35's Avatar
    I apologize for my demeanor. I will respectfully disagree and leave you alone now.