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Oh, that's raspberry!

My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 17, Part 3

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11.)Simpsons Christmas Stories - 3/5
12.)Bart Has Two Mommies - 3/5
13.)Milhouse of Sand and Fog - 3/5
14.)Kiss, Kiss Bang Bangalore - 3/5
15.)Girls Just Want to Have Sums - 3/5
16.)The Italian Bob - 2.5/5

So now we are officially in to the territory where episodes become noticeably forgettable even after having just recently watched them. I know I said this in the previous blog post but it is much more apparent here. I'm not sure why this season needed 3 trilogy episodes but I guess it did. Still, "Simpsons Christmas Stories" isn't bad. The stories are all fun and the Nutcracker finale is very good. I'm not sure that I enjoyed it more than the recent "Fight Before Christmas" though which is of a similar format so that's saying something. "Bart Has Two Mommies" has an enjoyable plot involving Marge, Ned, and his kids. Ned learning to believe in his kids was a pretty cool idea and part of me wishes we would have gotten some sort of followup on this. Marge is integrated well into the episode and Homer visiting her in his prep jacket was a nice scene between the two. Of course we also got a duck race and Bart getting ape-knapped! That's about what I remember.

And so the time had come at last for Milhouse's parents to get back together. So....naturally...half the episode warps to a Homer and Marge relationship crisis! Yeah I'm one of those who isn't huge on "A Milhouse Divided" even, but this follow-up episode is not as good, even remotely. Still, not bad either. And no longer vivid in my memory. I barely remember anything about "Kiss, Kiss." I liked Patty and Selma's side-story the best and it is what I think of whenever this episode is mentioned. The Bollywood ending is kinda weird but kinda cool in a weird way. I often flip-flop on it in all honestly. Oh! Apu's relative and Homer's second try to find him was good.

I HATED "Girls Just Want to Have Sums" for the longest time. Skinner seemed atrociously out of character and he still does, but I did learn to appreciate some of the things in the episode. The first act is still pretty bad, but there is some fun to be found with the undercover Lisa plot. Certainly not a favorite though. Frankly, I was surprised I ranked it higher than "The Italian Bob." I still remember Bob as a pretty good episode in my mind, but apparently I had a negative reaction to it on the recent re-watch. The Family Guy plagiarismo joke was and still is great. I don't really mind post-classic Bob episodes though(big shock) I really enjoy "The Bob Next Door" in fact, but we'll get to that eventually. I suppose they were a little thin on Italy jokes. Kelsey's singing near the end was brief, but highly enjoyable.

I think I just realized the family travels to India and Italy in this particular batch of episodes huh? Well that's....something. Next time we'll get even more forgettable as the mediocrity concludes....for now.


  1. alex_on_ice's Avatar
    I'm really glad to see you've come back to writing your blogs "Oh that's raspberry" . You hadn't advanced on your blogs for quite some time. I guess you need somewhat of a break sometimes . Anyway, as usual I really enjoy reading these ! Keep up the fantastic work !! Any ideas on which season you might pick next ?
  2. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    I'm unsure between 12, 18, and 19 atm....