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Hello @NHC members!

HUTZ here! I have been due for something like this for anybody interested in reading whatever the hell it is that I plan to talk about. I figure the only thing for a blog that grabs me is TELEVISION, and by that I mean it's the only topic I could see myself consistently writing about. Now whenever a show I like airs, I'll discuss it with friends if they're watching it too, and maybe post my critique or praise on the forums, but since I've been kind of slacking off in that aspect, I'm hoping a more personable blog could channel out my lazies and generate a "laid back to active" discussion.

Mostly I imagine I'll be writing to myself, noting things about a particular episode or perhaps some bizarre fan-giddy speculation of mine that will most likely go nowhere. Anyone who wishes to follow, feel absolutely free to jump in. I'll even pose a random question for that day just to mix things up. Eventually, I'll attempt to begin a series I have yet to watch, so suggestions are welcome if you want me to focus on a specific show. For now though, since Breaking Bad's fifth and final season is approaching us (July 15), I believe it would be foolish not to start with that. I understand that alienates a whole chunk of people who need to catch up or just don't watch the show, so I apologize. I'm grateful and glad for anyone who can add their 2 cents on whatever my blog is focusing on, but at the same time I'm going to post no matter what, even if I'm alone talking to myself here!

I won't always be focusing on one show at a time though. Sometimes I'll be doing multiple at once depending on whether I'm marathoning something else at the same time. Again, suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, consider this a heads up post for things to come. Here's a random question to kick things off:

Who's your favorite tv lawyer?

Lionel Hutz
Saul Goodman
Jackie Chiles

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    I love that blonde prosecutor from Law & Order SVU, Alex Something-Or-Other. She will kick your ass with lengthy legal arguments.
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