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"Revolver" Album Review

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So over the weekend I bought the 2009 remastered version of the album so I think I'd like to do a little review of the fourteen songs included in this landmark collection of music...

Track 01. "Taxman" (Harrison)

George's first of three entries on this album and probably the best. It's different than the other two as he does not use any Indian instruments to give it that cultural vibe (Probably why I originally thought this was John's) It's a nice little 'silly' song for him with a great chorus and guitar riff appearing every now and then. it's not one of the standout of the album but it is a great song that I find myself singing along to occasionally...

Rating: 82/100


Track 02. "Eleanor Rigby" (McCartney)

We move right on with a classic string song by Paul. Like many Beatles albums after this the shear amount of diversity is immense and fantastic. You can go from one of Paul's bouncy, happy songs to George's Indian-inspired ballads right into one of John's sad, depressing numbers in a matter of seconds. This is possibly Paul's best song here (with the possible exception of "Got To Get You into My Life") it's got a fantastic story and lyrics and a great haunting chorus. A fantastic song.

Rating: 85/100


Track 03. "I'm Only Sleeping" (Lennon)

My favorite track. The harmonies in this with the chorus appearing at almost random places and the use of the guitar - just perfect. I love the abruptness of some of the lyrics and the cut offs are just great. Even comparing this song with some of Lennon's on previous albums you can see how different he was trying to be and let me tell you, it really worked (here and on the final track)

Rating: 91/100


Track 04. "Love You To" (Harrison)

Another of George's. This one does include his inspiration from Indian music. I love how this song combines George's use of a sitar with the hallowing almost creepy theme of the song. It's also impressive that he provided lead vocals, played the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and the sitar (not at the same time obviously) the song is surprisingly catchy as well.

Rating: 71/100


Track 05. "Here, There and Everywhere" (McCartney)

Another one of Paul's little numbers. This one is a true classic, the softness of the song and how it blends with the chorus is great. It's fairly simple really but the other three Beatles voices in the background really do add some emotion. It's amazing how high Paul's voice can go in some parts without it feeling over the top. The last few seconds are heavenly.

Rating: 83/100


Track 06. "Yellow Submarine" (Starr)

It's now time for Ringo's effort. Written by Paul this is without a doubt the most famous song from the album. It's catchy and the use of the sound effects was great. It's nothing fantastic (I'm afraid to say none of Ringo's songs really are) but it's fun and it provides a nice little sing-a-long once in a while. I do think a few too many people judge the band off of this one song, which they defiantly should not, but it isn't terrible by any means...

Rating: 74/100


Track 07. "She Said She Said" (Lennon)

Another of John's fantastic songs. The acid trip-like vibe is really great yet it is still manages to be catchy and the repeated title of the song used throughout including the closing verses is really amazing. Not much more I can say really.

Rating: 83/100


Track 08. "Good Day Sunshine" (McCartney)

This is such an uplifting song, it feels so effortless and is so simple yet so effective for what it needs to be - a lighthearted, happy song. It, like "Yellow Submarine", is just a bit of fun really yet it still manages to beat the hell out of almost any piece of music released today (which is pretty sad really...)

Rating: 81/100


Track 09. "And Your Bird Can Sing" (Lennon)

Another simple yet great song by John this time. It's got a great guitar riff and simple lyrics. It contrasts nicely with the other songs he was releasing at the time. It's not one of his best efforts by any means but it is still a joy to listen to.

Rating: 79/100


Track 10. "For No One" (McCartney)

Probably the song with the greatest lyrics on the album. It tells such a great story in such a simple format that McCartney seems to be almost talking the words. The addition of the french horn is so simple yet effective. It's simple, short and sweet.

Rating: 81/100


Track 11. "Doctor Robert" (Lennon)

A throwaway song that's pretty forgettable. It's got an okay chorus but it's nothing special especially compared with the other songs on the album. It's below average for the band and way below for the album...

Rating: 64/100


Track 12. "I Want to Tell You" (Harrison)

We continue on with the second worst of the lot. It's George's worst effort here but it's not bad. It's pretty bland and a little uninteresting but it's adequate enough that I'd listen to it but wouldn't chose to.

Rating: 65/100


Track 13. "Got To Get You Into My Life" (McCartney)

We return to form with a Paul song. This probably contains his best vocals of any song from this album. It's so powerful when the chorus kicks in that it blows his other songs out of the water (voice wise). It's a really underrated song that more people should be aware of. The last ten seconds are a highlight.

Rating: 86/100


Track 14. "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Lennon)

This song is mind blowing. The experimental aspect of it leaves the song feeling as though it could have easily been made last year. The vocals match perfectly with the beat that's being played backwards (sounding almost like a flock of birds) It's so creative and interesting even when listening to it in 2012. The ending is great also with the little lighthearted piano tune - pure genius.

Rating: 88/100

This is a superb album that I'd probably rank at fourth place (trust me, that's really great) against other Beatles albums (replace "Doctor Robert" or "I Want To Tell You" with "Rain" that was also being recorded at the same time and it would probably be higher)

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  1. hutz's Avatar
    Cool review.

    I have my own version of Revolver on my computer where I take out 5 songs (Love You To, Yellow Submarine, Good Day Sunshine, For No One and I Want To Tell You), and add 5 more guitar oriented songs (Paperback Writer, Rain, Nowhere Man, Ticket to Ride, and Penny Lane.

    It has a more homogeneous flow that I prefer to listen to. The 5 songs I take out are noticeably slower paced than the 5 I replace them with as well.

    I'm Only Sleeping
    Nowhere Man
    Eleanor Rigby
    Paperback Writer
    Doctor Robert
    Ticket to Ride
    Got to Get You Into My Life
    Penny Lane
    Here There and Everywhere
    She Said She Said
    And Your Bird Can Sing
    Tomorrow Never Knows

    And if you like the end of Got to Get You Into My Life in stereo, you should hear the mono version (it goes on for 10 more seconds!).

    Edit: Whoops! fixed it.
    Updated 08-14-2012 at 11:45 AM by hutz
  2. parklife's Avatar
    you've got eleanor rigby and paperback writer on there twice, al + mike

    this album is incredible. and i love that it's only 35 minutes long. my favourite song is 'for no one'. 10/10 lp.

    god, 1966 was the year. we got blonde on blonde, pet sounds, and revolver. what a time to be alive
  3. Comicshow MolemanBob's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by melody nelson
    1966 was the year. we got blonde on blonde, pet sounds, and revolver. what a time to be alive
    God yes! It's lucky if I even find a song I enjoy released nowadays let alone a whole album!

    PS. (I'm thinking of doing this again with another album, it doesn't have to be The Beatles but they are my forte' so to speak...)
  4. parklife's Avatar
    i really enjoyed this, comicshow molemanbob (what a username, haha)

    do a stones album next! how about let it bleed
  5. Comicshow MolemanBob's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by melody nelson
    i really enjoyed this, comicshow molemanbob (what a username, haha)

    do a stones album next! how about let it bleed
    That should be interesting. "Gimme Shelter" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" are obvious classics but I've never really given any thought to any of the other songs - thanks for the recommendation.
  6. huge2thadork's Avatar
    Reviewing Revolver? One of my favorite albums? Awesome!

    I believe that "flock of birds" sound in Tomorrow Never Knows is someone's laughing (I wanna say... Paul?) sped up.