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Safety Inspector

My Top100 Simpsons episdodes

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Updated 05-31-2014 at 11:49 PM by Safety Inspector



  1. Company Picnic's Avatar
    Nice to see Duffless up there

    A lot of people seem to put Springfield Files as their favourite episode, or up there. It's a great episode but it's not in the same group as Bart Sells His Soul/Lisa's Substitute etc for me
  2. parklife's Avatar
    some noggin scratchers on there, but decent list overall. good number one pick

  3. hutz's Avatar
    It's cool that you included one from each season, but if I made a Top 100, It probably wouldn't include any post season 10 episodes.
    That being said, I like your high rankings of Poppa's Got A Brand New Badge, Grade School Confidential, and my number #1 Rosebud.
  4. zartok-35's Avatar
    Not a bad list. Good representation for post-classic shows.
  5. Safety Inspector's Avatar
    zartok-35, melody nelson, Company Picnic


    al and mike

    It is a mere coincidence, that each season has at least one episode in the Top100
  6. Blobulle's Avatar
    Great list, happy to see Stealing First Base 35th.