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Oh, that's raspberry!

My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 11, Part 2

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7.) Grift of the Magi - 3.5/5
8.) Take My Wife, Sleaze - 3.5/5
9.) E-I-E-I-(ANNOYED GRUNT) - 3.5/5
10.) Days of Wine and D'oh'ses - 3.5/5
11.) Little Big Mom - 3/5
12.) Alone Again, Natura-diddily - 3/5

We reach the next six episodes, and while none are really bad, as far as I'm concerned, none are really that great either. Grift and Sleaze both ranked fairly highly for this season based almost entirely on humor, though Grift did have the superior story. Like Tomacco, Funzo seemed to stick with the show as an iconic character similar to Mr. Sparkle, although not as great again, as far as I'm concerned. I enjoy several scenes from Grift from the play at Burns' Mansion to the "quicky" ending with Christmas Dinner. Moe's annual attempted suicide was particularly memorable this year. As a Christmas episode it isn't great, Christmas is only hinted at for the first half or so, but it is serviceable I suppose. The show has done worse Christmas episodes. As I said in my review I'm pretty neutral on the Gary Coleman appearance though I'm sure the writers loved him. I did really enjoy John Goodman's performance in the next episode though. The opening at the 50s Diner is full of good stuff and followed by Bart and Homer's little montage which is my favorite part of the episode. Homer's gang gets several funny scenes such as heckling the Chief. The episode loses some steam after Marge is abducted but it still has plenty of good scenes, Marge's interaction with the bikers delivers several funny lines. The ending "duel" is typical Scully wackiness but it didn't bother me. Re-watching this episode was an overall pleasant experience as it was an episode I had forgotten about almost entirely.

EIEI D'oh is one of those kinda rare episodes that I don't think is as great as what I've read about it. The glove slap opening works in large part due to the song despite Jerkass Homer. The farm scenes are fine, though you need to ignore a certain Season 6 episode. Your mileage may vary regarding Homer being crushed by the tractor. I didn't mind the invention of Tomacco, though it is something the show has surprised me by putting in the opening credits now. Didn't seem iconic enough to get such attention though I suppose the reference is appreciated. "Zombie" farm animals and Homer eating pie rather than tend to his gun wound finish off this typical Scully "gem." Is it good that it still makes it into the top half of the season? Little Big Mom has an alright opening act and falls off soon after. It is funny enough to earn a 3/5, but it is largely forgettable save perhaps Homer's encounters with Flanders, both on and off the slopes, and of course, "Ya hit her pretty hard there Rick."

And then we have the two episodes that center on secondary characters. While neither are great, the effort at changing the characters was appreciated. I'd say Wine is the better episode, but killing off Maude was actually the better character change. Ned has had many episodes since, with mixed results, while Barney has had....yeah. I think they dealt with Maude's death pretty well, though I know that is certainly up for debate, but Homer is rather unlikable through much of the episode. He is actually a much more likable character in Barney's episode. Could sober Barney have worked though? They did use him in a couple of scenes at Moe's during the next 2 seasons or so but that's all. Barney seemed like a character who was used much more often in the early years anyway though so I doubt even drunk Barney would've appeared more but that's really all speculation. I kinda find his random appearances in more recent episodes like 500 Keys strange just because he appears so infrequently. Strange, but not bad. Regardless, I don't watch either of these two episodes that often.

Well it only gets worse from here and we've already hit most of the "average" episodes...


  1. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Once again, I got a lot of enjoyment out of reading this! Keep it up!
  2. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    Thanks Panther!
  3. alex_on_ice's Avatar
    Great work Oh, that's raspberry !! I love reading these blogs of yours ! You're advancing very well too. How many post-classic seasons do you have left before you're done ?

    Also, are you planning on doing something similar for the Classic Seasons (maybe with a different grading system) ? You've probably already answered to this question in one of your first blog entries (I may have missed it).
  4. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    Thanks! I do plan on eventually doing the Classic Era but it probably won't happen for over a year as I still have seasons 12, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, and maybe 23 to do and even going through one takes at least a full month or two. I'm planning on using the same grading scale, just expect many, many episodes to have perfect or near perfect scores. Don't be surprised to see 50 to 100 post-classic episodes above several from the classic era that I personally don't care for that much though as this is, after all, personal opinion.