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Sometimes Matt Nastuk makes good episodes

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I was pretty mean last time, saying that Nasty Matt pissed on his episode. I don't actually hate Matt Nastuk, just his terrible blandness. So, to make up for some of my rude behaviour, I'm gonna emphasize some of the good Nastuk has brought to The Simpsons. This is a very special episode, something I'm not gonna do very often.

"The Debarted" has some of Matt Nastuk's best work as a director. There are lots of well plotted shots inside of cars.

I also really liked the scenes in "Lisa Simpson, this isn't your life".

In this episode, the characters frame eachother very well.

Me, I loved that slow motion running scene. I don't know why. Nastuk puts in some neat-looking prespective shots.

And the ending; not the most original or well written, but the lighting is fabulous!

If the blog format allowed me to post more than 10 pictures at a time, I would also mention some outstanding work on "Midnight Towboy", "Once upon a time in Springfield", and "Moe letter blues". Maybe next time.
Anyway, it just goes to show that Nasty Matt isn't always nasty, and I'm more than willing to recognize it. But if Nastuk continues to put out hacktacular shlock like episode 500, you better believe I'm gonna keep ripping on his episodes. I have lots of fun being a hard ass!


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