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Nasty Matt's 500th Fucktacular

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The 500th episode went to Nasty Matt Nastuk, and of course, he pissed all over it. It's awfully hard to get excited over an episode when it looks like THIS:

Lets look at some Lauren MacMullan and Jeffery Lynch directed shots to get the bad taste out of our mouths.


  1. Zombies Rise from the Sea's Avatar
    Thumbs up!
  2. zartok-35's Avatar
    Thanks, Zombies.
  3. Boris Johnson's Avatar
    why the eff is sideshow mel so common in the newer episodes? He's just Krusty's assistance, jeez.
    Nice, nice shots there! (Referring to the well-directed episodes)
  4. zartok-35's Avatar
    I guess the writers like to make mediocre jokes about distiguished thespians. That, or he's one of the only characters whos voice hasn't gotten worse over the years, and they want to revel in it.
  5. hutz's Avatar
    His work does lack a cinematic appeal doesn't it.
  6. zartok-35's Avatar
    Yep. They need to send him backdown to character layout, where he can't cause any problems.
  7. Company Picnic's Avatar
    Looks like a totally characterless episode

    But still, that screenshot from Boy Scoutz is hilarious
  8. zartok-35's Avatar
    It looks great, and still keeps focus on Jasper bathing! Tibor Belay probably animated that scene.