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Oh, that's raspberry!

My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 14, Part 3

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13. Barting Over - 3.5/5
14. Large Marge - 3.5/5
15. Old Yeller Belly - 3/5
16. Dude, Where's My Ranch? - 3/5
17. Helter Shelter - 3/5
18. Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade - 3/5

The apparent 300th episode comes next and I don't like it as much as I used to. Bart comes off as kinda unreasonable and the Tony Hawk stuff seems dated and not really that entertaining. There was still some good stuff to enjoy here and there however like Marge and Lisa's little conversation about the 300th episode, Bart's commercial, and even Marge's freak-out scream about the nipple rings which caught me off guard but in a good way. Coming off of that we have the semi-controversial Large Marge which takes a pretty mediocre to bad premise and manages to make it alright. The Batman parody with Krusty is particularly fun and funny while the song at the restaurant is easily the episode's low point. I like the family's initial reactions to the new Marge and her attempts at hiding her endowment well enough and Homer's El Homo at the beginning was quite humorous. I appreciated the callback to Bart Gets an Elephant even if it wasn't really necessary. Pretty good but nothing to really praise that much which seems to be a common theme with this season as that is how all the remaining episodes, at best, can be described.

I remember liking Old Yeller Belly a lot more than I did on this rewatch similarly to Barting Over. I like the general idea and the use of the animals, especially Snowball II, but the last act is particularly boring and the first two aren't as great as I remembered them being. The Spuds McKenzie stuff seems particularly unmemorable. I really like the opening act and last joke or two of Dude Where's My Ranch. It is a ridiculous premise but done in a fun and entertaining way. Much of the stuff at the actual Dude Ranch though remains average material at best.

So yeah I guess this part of my blog is gonna be pretty short because all of these episodes seem to have similar problems as far as I'm concerned. Helter Shelter also has a bad reputation and it is warranted to an extent though I wasn't as bothered by it as some. I actually kinda liked several aspects of this one from A Bug's Death to Lenny's little scene to Bart telegraphing Moe to Homer's lamentations to the confessional. The last act is obviously ridiculous and lazy but eh, I'd say it can still get a 3/5. I'd say similar in quality to The Parent Rap or Homer the Moe of last season in that they aren't as bad as their reputation but only a 3/5 or so at best and fairly bland and definitely forgettable. Speaking of forgettable we continue with Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade which might very well be the most forgettable episode of this season, even more so than those I rank below it. I never remember this one and I'm not surprised after my re-watch. The story seems like a tired Bart and Lisa relationship escapade and nothing really jumps out at me. Still, it has a few good things and is inoffensive enough. Not a top 200 episode though or even 250 most likely but then....none of these episodes are. I'll finish off this season next time.


  1. Hommer for the Holidays's Avatar
    I really didn't think Helter Shelter was as bad as people said. It made me laugh a fair amount.
  2. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    I guess we agree then!