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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 14, Part 2

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7.) I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can - 4/5
8.) Treehouse of Horror XIII - 4/5
9.) 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky - 3.5/5
10.) Three Gays of the Condo - 3.5/5
11.) Pray Anything - 3.5/5
12.) Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington - 3.5/5

I honestly wrestled with placing the spelling show above C.E. D'oh, but I decided that it should stay just below. That definitely seems like a ranking I could easily change as the two feel very similar in quality. The spelling bee aspect of the episode doesn't add much of anything new, but George Plimpton is very funny and it works alright as a Lisa episode. The real strength of this one is Homer's ribwhich odyssey. It is another example where the B story is far more memorable than the A story for me similar to Pinchy in Lisa Gets an "A." I forgot about the Lisa monument at the end of this which kinda bugged me from a continuity standpoint since we'll never see it again. I know this feels unnecessary considering continuity is.....not the show's strongest concern, certainly not by Season 14, but still. That whole ending as a whole seemed kinda unnecessary to me anyway.

Treehouse of Horror XIII has a notably strong first story but the other two can't match it. I have grown to enjoy Fright to Creep and Scare Harms much more over the years, but Homer's cloning shenanigoats are just very funny and enjoyable to watch. I actually think the mostly night staging of 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky worked to its advantage for me on this most recent rewatch. It certainly helped to make it standout from ultimately over half of this fairly disappointing season. Not a great episode and not one I'll likely remember but it was still above average.

Three Gays of the Condo comes next and I still can't believe it beat Jurassic Bark for the Emmy even if that isn't one of my personal favorite Futurama episodes. I still think I may be far too critical of this one because of that Emmy, but The Seemingly Never-Ending Story and Eternal Moonshine came years later and are vastly superior to this. The Homer and Marge story is done marginally well but there are many superior versions. I got more enjoyment out of the last act of Brake My Wife, Please as far as that goes. I dunno though many of the reviews I've read for this episode would disagree with me. My main problem with this one remains how unmemorable it is though I mean I just watched it and can't remember that much. Grady and Julio were used better in much more recent and limited roles, at least imo. This too though beat out half of this season....uh, oh...

Pray Anything was about the same in quality as I remembered and that is a good thing. I was tempted to put this above Three Gays actually, but I'll stay with my gut and that episode's reputation for the moment. I still enjoy how the story progresses and how Ned and Lovejoy are used here. Mr. Spritz is largely considered to be the last great Simpsons political satire and Swartzwelder script, but I was pretty bored during it on this rewatch. This is one of those episodes I remember really enjoying when I first saw it too but, like much of this season, it left me kinda disappointed. I still like the FOX News interviews and Krusty photo imputs of historical events but I dunno this just seemed to go on longer than I expected. Maybe I'll like it better on the next viewing though who knows? I certainly hope so but next time I'll get into the "lesser" episodes of this season.