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best homer episodes

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best homer episodes

season 1: homer's odyssey

I liked this episode because homer took his pet rock for a walk and then he put up a stop sign 5/5

season 2: homer lose weight you fatty

Homer lost weight and then wrote to ringo starr who hung it on me wall 5/5

season 3: homer you sold your stock and bought beer

Homer buys $5,200 worth of beer and lenny smiles. i dont like lenny but homer is good in it 5/5

season 4: homer no drink the beer

Raindrops keep falling on my head 5/5

season 5: Homer nearly fucks his new coworker

homer falls in love with a man named andy and then kisses a turkey that he found at worky 5/5

season 6: homer's the Great

Homer takes his pet rock for a walk again 5/5

season 7: homer gain weight you fatty

gas brake honk 5/5

season 8: homer no drink the beer again


season 9: homer get your gun

homer gets a gun and shoots all the lightbulbs in the house. because homer hates light i've decided that i don't like light either but i do like homer 5/5

season 10: homer's kidney dick

homer swaps his kidney and gives his dad a beer can 5/5

season 11: mel gibson orgy

shift eye dog 5/5

season 12: homer vs dignitas

i like this episode because homer is santa claus and i like santa claus but not as much as homer (i like homer) 5/5

season 13: homer shut up

homer gets his jaw wired shut and yes, the music is from southern hungary. then he is popeye?!?!!!!!!!!?? 5/5

season 14: shut up dog

homer builds treehouse and is on fire 5/5

season 15: s-pie-derman

homer likes pies 5/5

season 16: the seven beer snitch

homer gets to prison and then a tv 5/5

season 17: i like homer

i like homer 5/5

season 18: keifer sutherland episode

hahahaha helicopter suit i like helicopters because homer dressed up as one and i had a dream that night where homer WAS a helicopter can you imagine? 5/5

season 19: homer's mum dies

what an inconsiderate bitch whore she made homer cry god i hate her 5/5

season 20: father knows worse

wow. homer was a helicopter in this episode. my dream came true?!!!?! 5/5

season 21: bart gets hit by a car


season 22: homer is now a barber

i guess homer's a barber now 5/5


  1. Hommer for the Holidays's Avatar
    Best episodes ever.
  2. Sam's Avatar
    It was his boulder. Please correct it.