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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 13, Part 4(Conclusion)

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18.)The Lastest Gun in the West - 3/5
19.)Homer the Moe - 3/5
20.)The Parent Rap - 3/5
21.)Gump Roast - 2.5/5
22.)The Sweetest Apu - 2.5/5

These next three episodes are all rather similar in quality to me. I have seen The Lastest Gun in the West be considered one of the worst episodes ever on here but I don't see it. The episode is average at best to be sure, but there are at least 30 inferior episodes, possibly more. Frankly I really enjoy some of the jokes here including that dog first act. I suppose the dog does actually overshadow Buck McCoy though, who is supposed to be the episode's main focus. I gave this one a fairly lengthy diatribe in the NHC Weekly Episode Club 2.0 basically questioning character motivations and whatnot so if you'd like to read further regarding my thoughts on this check there. The long ending shot is also something I remember enjoying from the episode. All in all nothing special, but certainly not as terrible as its reputation and an episode I find pretty enjoyable to watch once every while.

The next two are our last Scully episodes for this season and honestly going in to watching this season I had a feeling none of his episodes would crack the top half of the season. That really isn't a fair mindset to have going in to this but I couldn't help it really. One thing I will say for these two episodes is that they are not as nearly as un-enjoyable as I remembered. Homer the Moe has some fun stuff, but that fairly bad hunting sequence and Homer's hand gushing Moe's transformed bar just really does nothing for me. I do like Moe's old professor though and some of the other scenes. The Parent Rap introduces a fairly obnoxious character but one I don't really mind that much. Homer goes too far with some of his shenanigans which I suppose is par for the course for a Scully episode and the episode itself is extremely forgettable earning it a place in the bottom three of the season.

We have the clip show next and I almost don't feel like I need to talk about clip shows. They are usually recycled material built around flimsy new material and this one is no different. Although I will say that at least the original material here is better than some other clip shows(and worse than others). I almost don't feel like clip shows should even count honestly. I have never understood the attitude that clip shows are better than some later episodes because the clips they come from are from better episodes. If I wanted to watch a clip from those better episodes I would watch those episodes. The ONLY reason to watch a clip show to me is the audio commentary or maybe once every few years. My least favorite clip show of all time, Another Simpsons Clip Show, is possibly one of my least favorite episodes of all time and when I invented the .5/5 grade I had it in mind. I write this here because it is from a season I likely won't get to for another year at this rate. Man is that one bad though...I have not bothered watching it in many years. I'd certainly take Gump Roast over it. That little aside....aside though, this one does also have that wonderful song going for it.

You know I don't like an episode when I grade it lower than a clip show. The reason is most likely either because the episode doesn't even feel like an episode of The Simpsons like we saw with Season 10 a few times, or because I dislike what they've done with a character and that is what's going on here with The Sweetest Apu. I suppose Apu having an affair isn't bad in theory but the execution is fairly poor and the episode is also extremely forgettable. Though I've noticed that we've seen very little from Apu after this so maybe the writers just got tired of him. He appears in some episodes but I can't really think of any that focus on him at all aside from I guess Moe Letter Blues from Season 21 though even there he shares the spotlight with Homer and Lovejoy. There are some good scenes in this one though like Homer's backwards walk, James Lipton's cameo, and I also certainly enjoyed the Civil War opening. Ultimately though this one disappoints and is not an episode I rewatch very often.

1.)I Am Furious (Yellow)
2.)The Old Man and the Key
3.)Half-Decent Proposal
4.)Jaws Wired Shut
5.)The Frying Game
6.)Weekend at Burnsie's
7.)Blame It On Lisa
8.)The Bart Wants What It Wants
9.)Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge
10.)Little Girl in the Big Ten
11.)Sweets and Sour Marge
12.)Treehouse of Horror XII
13.)Tales From the Public Domain
14.)She of Little Faith
15.)Brawl in the Family
16.)The Blunder Years
17.)A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
18.)The Lastest Gun in the West
19.)Homer the Moe
20.)The Parent Rap
21.)Gump Roast
22.)The Sweetest Apu

So that's Season 13. Honestly, given its reputation, I can't help but be somewhat dissappointed. The best episodes are certainly great, but there are frankly too many that are just forgettable. The season doesn't have any total garbage episodes like 10 or others, but I find myself preferring later Jean seasons. 15 and 16 are far superior as a whole(despite having some worse episodes than any here). And I even gave more 5/5s to Season 20. I'd probably still give the edge to Season 13 at the moment but I dunno, 20 is actually pretty close to it in quality for me.

Anyway next time I'll incorporate these episodes in to my larger list and announce my next season so stay tuned for that.