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Rate and Review: "The Nedliest Catch" (NABF15)

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Edna and Ned dating. Trumped up much? It’s not that the situation of Edna and Ned is a bad one; it’s actually a rather good one considering the mismatch possibilities and the close connection these characters have to the Simpson family. The problem is that it is just another late Simpsons’ episode from a milieu of ideas explored all too quickly. Edna being next-door to the Simpsons’ could have been shown more extensively, but it felt rushed even without a b-plot present in the episode. There is equally no time for character development; now rather there is underdevelopment-for several seasons now the real Marge Simpson seems to have been abducted by aliens and consequently replaced by a dumbed down inferior model; Marge was never a laugh a minute, but we still liked her and she was funny sometimes-a large part of what made her funny in the first place. Even Homer seems to be simply going through the motions; the scene where he is trying to put the jack back in the box could have been taken for more mileage if he’d actually gotten mad like he used to. The brief attacking octopus scene was the only thing that actually made me laugh in this episode; an echo of a classic past. I will continue watching The Simpsons out of some childhood debt for a television show that used to be a lot of things to me, including funny - like over ten seasons ago man!. 3/10


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