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Dental Plan!

My thoughts after watching season 1-6 of The Office for the first time.

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First, I have to say, WOW, what I fantastic show I've been missing. Here are a random assortment of my thoughts of the show (I've read very little about the show on the internet, so I have no idea if I'm in the majority or minority with most of these thoughts) presented in handy bullet point format;
- Season 1 isn't great. They tried to stick too closely to the original uk office, and it felt like they hadn't really found their own style yet. Michael Scott wasn't likeable, the show wasn't all that funny and the characters weren't really defined yet. Actually it took me 5 months or so to start the 2nd season after finishing with the disappointing first season.
- Season 2 was absolutely brilliant, particularly the 2nd half. All the story arcs were great (except maybe Dwight- Angela, although this was handled way better than it was in season 6, which I thought was way too over the top), with the Jim /Pam story culminating in such a fantastic way in Casino Night. I love how realistically the Jim/ Pam relationship is written.
- Season 3 was also very good, especially the first half. I thought while the 2nd half still had a few great episodes, it focused more on broader, less realistic storylines and lost a lot of the more realistic humor which the show does so well. I especially hate what they did to Jan, her character turn seemed a little unbelievable and I thought that she was way funnier as the stiff corporate figure to Michael's crazy antics.
- Season 4 was good, not great. Not really memorable at all. It was short, and I think it focused too much on broad storytelling again, rather than relatable and simple office storylines (I'll be stressing this point alot, the show is definitely at it's best when it's grounded, realistic and simple) the 2nd season did so well.
- Season 5 was much much better. Very close to my favourite season, probably just behind the 2nd season. I especailly loved the second half of the season- the Michael Scott Paper Company arc was really interesting and made the show feel fresh again, while remaining grounded in realistic storytelling.
- Season 6 was pretty good, especially the first half. Couple of things I didn't like thought; The characters have become major jerks (even those who are meant to be likeable, like Pam), the story arcs were rarely interesting and seemed to be dropped quickly, and the show has become a lot crazier, going for less relatable scenarios and more crazy, over the top comedy and scenarios (I especially hated Dwight- Angela). I think there were still a handful of great episodes that bucked this trend (Niagara, The Delivery and Sabre in particular were all fantastic) but season 6 was a pretty big drop from the brilliance of season 5. Erin is ridiculously cute though, and while the Andy/ Erin storyline feels like a bit of a retread (especially after watching the first episode of season 7) I actually quite enjoy watching them interact.

Looking forward to watching more of season 7, the show definitely still has the potential to be great and I'm really interested to see how they handle Steve Carell's departure.
Anyways, thanks to anyone who read all of that. Not expecting many of you to, but I just really wanted to write my thoughts on the show down. How do my opinions compare with yours? Now that I've caught up, i'm looking forward to discussing the show with the rest of you as it airs

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  1. kupomog's Avatar
    I basically feel the exact same about each season. I liked season 4 a little more than you perhaps, but otherwise, spot on with my thoughts on the show. I ran through them on Netflix over the course of a month and I really should've watched this show sooner. Same as Arrested Development.