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A copypasta thought.

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This is a comment I made at the ScrewAttack website on a video about the responsibility of video game players to take action to justify and defend their hobby:

"I... disagree.

As a video game enthusiast (I refuse to use the isolating and exclusionary term "hardcore" or even "gamer") I have full confidence in my hobby and am comfortable with what I do with it. I have nothing to prove to anyone as I believe video games are a valid media and require nothing, at this point, to cement that fact. It's here. It's successful. It's never going away. I believe people who insist on such radical ideas continue to be embarrassed needlessly and feel shamed into hiding as if this were twenty years ago. It's not a personal thing and I can understand their feelings I just think it does more harm than good to justify detractors' comments by proving them right: video game players are loners with poor social skills and have no future. Of course, this isn't true but that is what they sell to people.

Now when it comes to genuine damage to the rights of citizens who play video games then yes, I can see direct action needing to be taken. Though I actually agree with the SENTIMENT of the law presented in California (responsible sales control), there is no way the government could execute it properly or with due respect. So, I support this notion.

The big thing I have to say about this is that one must consider how the media has treated other such topics. Violent films, music videos, comic books (in particular). Violent movies are more successful than ever and the media all but gave up on music videos. It's no longer an issue because people don't care any more. This is partly because those who did care are now out of the game. They've retired to be replaced by people who grew up accepting the things their elders told them was bad for them. I firmly believe the same will happen here. Within 15 years or less, video game criticism will fall out of style and run out of steam. It won't bring in the ratings and viewership they used to and they will be forgotten. This will be much easier this time around because the video game industry has planted its roots deeply into the soil of our culture. Video games shall weather the storm if a direct assault with legal backing isn't taken.

I mentioned earlier that comic books in particular were attacked by the media. Laws were successfully implemented to affect comic book content and distribution. The Comics Code Authority was established and it destroyed the narrative freedom of the media. Hence why superheroes became the dominant genre because outlandish and relatively safe plots could be made from them. Not that I dislike superheroes, I'm a patriotic American, damn it. Unfortunately it means the industry is only just now making a good recovery from this catastrophe some 50 years later. I believe there is too much money to be made in video games for this to occur though. However, I could be proven wrong.

I believe the key will be patience as the old guard are replaced by those who grew up on Nintendo and Sega and have no grudge against something so important to their generation's culture. Should we succeed in weathering this storm, smooth sailing awaits.

You know, as long as the industry doesn't turn into a machine identical to Hollywood."

There is a law going through the works to use government intervention to curb sales of adult-themed games to minors. Like I said in the comment, I agree with the idea. But there is no way such a thing wouldn't be abused this day and age by our government. Imagine going to jail for selling Halo to a 9 year old.