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I consider myself to have beaten Dead Rising.

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I've had Dead Rising since I got my Xbox 360. I originally played the demo, but of course, the text was too small on an SD CRT. It was very fun. It wasn't the greatest game to play but it was fun, especially on my new fancy-shmancy game system. It is a daunting game. It's not impossible or even extremely hard, it just has a high difficulty with a steep learning curve. It makes me feel like playing hard 8- and 16-bit games that are fun no matter how many times you fail.

There are several endings. And like the majority of games today, there are plenty of achievements. None of this shit am I going to bother with. I don't do all achievements. I don't bother. I like playing to the credits and getting as much done as I feel like until then. Rarely do I replay, even games I really love. I'd like to but I simply lose interest.

One may think that Dead Rising is designed for replay, but only partly. I played a bit, restarted, went a bit further, restarted, restart restart restart. I recently completed Overtime mode and I'm happy with where I've gone. I'll keep playing probably based solely on it being fun. If I accomplish anything... k. I'm not planning on making this perfect. I'm really only going to try to hit level 50 and I'll be happy with that.

The look of the game is good. It's bland by today's standards but this was quality stuff when it came out. The characters' voices and the sound effects are fantastic even by today's standards. It's fun. It's that great, talented fun where they aren't taking it up-the-ass serious like those shitty Uncharted games. Characters. I don't want real people. I want characters who are there to entertain me not to try to replicate actors performing as characters. I love the goofy characterizations and characters you can love. This is why I care about video game stories.

Killing zombies is general is great fun once you get used to the controls and physics. I'm an expert at zombie dodging. Riding, jumping off, jumping through to get frames of invincibility, taking sharp veering turns, it's awesome. But it's only because I'm used to it. Watching someone else get a grip on the nuances is kind of frustrating. I know when a zombie can and cannot land a blow in the animation for a forward jump and it sucks to see someone fail at it. One has to truly LEARN this game to be efficient. The books, the weapons, your skills, time management. It's fun but can be unforgiving in how much you need to rely on luck. Sometimes the game just doesn't want you to succeed. Even if you know it's coming and plan ahead for the const--




  1. Steve's Avatar
    How DAAAARE you say that about the Uncharted games >:

    Dead Rising is such awesomely dumb fun. I still need to go back for the last four achievements. It's such a fun game to play for thirty minutes even if you have no objectives. Its sequel is .... I think, even better, if only because there are more zombies and more weapons to slaughter them with. And the map is bigger and less empty. I do miss DR1's Leisure Park though, I have to admit.

    Oh man those convicts.
  2. kupomog's Avatar
    I love those Convicts. They ruin lives everywhere. Killing them is so much easier with...good weapons of any kind.

    Gotta plan my course of action so I can do all sorts of bad ass achievement nabbing in my 2.5 playthrough since I played almost half the game the first time.
  3. Steve's Avatar
    Only major problem I have with the convicts is that they respawn every day. But yeah usually they just keep ramming into trees and aren't a problem.
  4. kupomog's Avatar
    By the time the shortcut and shutters open I don't feel the need to use the park. It's technically faster but ... only sorta.