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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 10, Part 3

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12.)D'oh-in in the Wind - 3/5
13.)I'm with Cupid - 3/5
14.)Lard of the Dance - 3/5
15.)They Saved Lisa's Brain - 3/5
16.)Make Room for Lisa - 2.5/5
17.)Monty Can't Buy Me Love - 2.5/5

If I had to try and summarize these episodes in one word I guess it would probably be: unmemorable. For a show with nearly 500 episodes already aired having some unmemorable episodes is to be expected of course, but these were probably like that even just a year or two after they aired. The vast majority of these episodes are so very forgettable that everytime I rewatch them, which admittedly isn't very often, it almost feels like I'm watching the episode for the first time. If it was an outstanding episode that made me feel this way I would consider this a good thing, but none of these episodes are outstanding. In fact, the best they can claim is to be average and as I've written before and will likely write again to be average for a show that has been on as long as the Simpsons is just not good enough. To be below average is in most cases unforgivable.

D'oh-in in the Wind makes good use out of its guests in Martin Mull and George Carlin, two men whose work I actually really like, at least the bit I know of it. Plus it did have a rather brilliant homage to Beavis and Butt-Head and a nice reveal of Homer's middle name. I also really liked Homer's fascination with the song Uptown Girl. Aside from that though not much else sticks out for me here, but even that much is enough to get this as the highest ranked of these episodes I suppose. I'm with Cupid is an episode I DO remember liking quite a bit more than I did here. Elton John was used well and I guess the story is told well enough but aside from that....not much sticks out really.

I like the overall message of Lard of the Dance, and the blending of the two plots is done rather nicely, but it is another episode that has never managed to resonate with me. That scene with Homer's eye is funny at first but it gets old over time. The character of Alex is okay I suppose and certainly better than that atrocious girl friend they gave Lisa in Lisa the Drama Queen, but I literally had to just look up her name so....The plot for They Saved Lisa's Brain is another one I actually like in theory but again the execution fails. I have never really liked the subplot and as I mentioned in my review actually thought it came in a Season 17 or 18 episode so was really surprised to see it here. Stephen Hawking is good but is better in Season 16, as I also said in my review. Now that I think of it doesn't he appear in Stop of My Dog Will Shoot remarking how a corn maze was too tough for him? That one joke is on par with any involving him here and that took all of three seconds. Despite these criticisms up to this point all of the episodes are at least passable by my admittedly low standards.

Make Room for Lisa is definitely an episode I remember and it is because of how much I loved it when I was young. Watching it now though it just doesn't work as nearly as well as I thought. Homer comes off as too damn unlikable, but not in a jerkass way, at least not directly. They make him out to be an oblivious oaf but you never really believe it here. It seems like he's just pretending to be stupid to avoid having to pay attention to his daughter, at least to me. Because of this Lisa's realization that her father does lots of things for her he doesn't want to just doesn't come across as really powerful at all. We are left feeling bad for the girl and mad at Homer. Even in the Scully Era the writers have managed far better Homer/Lisa episodes and the Jean Era has several superior to this, even just Homer/Lisa B plots for that matter. Brian Scully wrote Lost Our Lisa, a solid outing if memory serves, and this...

I really don't have much to say for Monty Can't Buy Me Love. Sure it is really wacky and I am struggling to remember much from it, but I probably like it more than the majority. That cricket poison gag followed by Homer's statue in the hospital and Burns' reaction to it had me laughing for sure. Homer playing the game in Loch Ness is also a fantastic reveal. John Swartzwelder seemed to write some pretty bad episodes during the Scully years but this one is still far superior to at least two others he wrote for this season. Alright I'll finish my Season 10 episode rankings and recap the season as a whole in my next blog entry.