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Blog, eh?

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So this is my new blog at the NHC. What kind of thing do I have to offer? Anything? Are any of you really that interested on my own opinions?

You know, writing a blog seems like the last thing I would do in Earth. If there's an Internet equivalent to furious masturbation, here it is. You try to catch a bunch of fans with some serious shit nobody else cares about. And what do you expect to get? Nothing more than a "thumbs-up" comment, or a personalized spam service. It looks weird, you spent one or two hours of your awesome life just to write a nice post and the only thing you get is some praise by people you don't know and don't care about how are you, as an individual. And that's it if you manage to be known, because if you don't your only consolation lies on reading your texts again and again while your face draws a powerful expression of triumph: "I'm so winning the Nobel Prize this year..." Yes, you know that's not even close to your limited quality. But you want to believe it. After all, it's your work. It's nice. It's personal. It's unique. Hey, there are thousands of identical blogs around the Internet, everything you could say about the topic of your choice has been already beaten to death. But who cares. You don't, really. It's YOUR blog.

Add to this the fact that the feature is quite useless in a board. There's nothing you can't say there that deserves to be here.

Considering these previous points, you will be asking why the hell I'm starting this project. I don't know. Maybe this will be my first and last post here. Maybe not. We'll see. Anyway, you can't say there's not some weird charm at condemning the uselessness of blog posts by making one. It's so awesomely stupid, that I had to give it a try.
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  1. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    This blog is so underlooked. Hiarious!