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I draw occasionally, and people say I'm pretty good. Here are some really old drawings of trains. These were very impressive back in their day. My Elementary school principal actually put these up for display.

Here's another one.

And here's a comic strip I drew back in 2004. It's pretty crude, and I didn't know how to spell very well back then.

Maybe I'll have to get some more recent stuff up online.

Updated 07-10-2011 at 06:34 PM by zartok-35



  1. alex_on_ice's Avatar
    Great drawings Zartok-35! You have a great talent! Keep up the good work! I also used to draw quite a lot at one point. I created a 10 page comic strip. I might have to create a blog someday for the ten pages. We'll see! Anyway you should continue drawing .
  2. zartok-35's Avatar
  3. Neptune's Avatar
    I really like the first one. Very nice, much better than anything I could do.
    Funny comic, by the way. It makes me think of one a friend and I do.
  4. zartok-35's Avatar
    Glad you like them, Neptune. This is some pretty old stuff. You draw comics too?
  5. cinco's Avatar
    Those train-drawings are beautiful.