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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 16, Part 4 (Conclusion)

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18.)A Star is Torn - 3.5/5
19.)She Used to Be My Girl - 2.5/5
20.)Pranksta Rap - 2.5/5
21.)Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass - 2/5

The bottom four, and naturally we start to fall into the pitfalls that all Jean Era episodes must try and avoid: jerkass Homer, boring or overdone storylines, a plethora of pointless guest stars, or just bad jokes. A Star is Torn isn't a bad episode. I'd say it is just about average, and perhaps slightly below in the classic era. As an American Idol parody it is fine, and certainly not as terrible as the one at the end of Season 21, but it feels like its been done. Lisa entering a competition has been done, and while this story takes an interesting turn fairly quickly I can't help but feel like it is basically a mediocre version of Lisa the Beauty Queen. Homer and Lisa relationship episodes are usually great, and this does have several good jokes, but Homer really acts pretty crazy for the sake of the plot. Plus Scully basically did enough Homer/Lisa episodes for the rest of the show's history and many, like Lost Our Lisa, are actually better than this. I'll spare it the shame of comparing it to the season 3 Al Jean/Mike Reiss Homer/Lisa episodes. A solidly funny episode with a tired and unmemorable story, but not really bad to watch manages to keep this barely above average.

She Used to Be My Girl has another one of those Jean era problems I forgot to mention above: One time characters. Sometimes one time characters make an episode fantastic, such as The Great Raymondo from Season 22. Here, we get an obnoxious old friend of Marge who makes no lasting impact on anyone and only contributes one decent thing: a nice callback to Barney being a helicopter pilot. Plus this is probably the biggest misuse of Homer all season. I don't know that he acts like a jerkass really, but he's just really stupid. Naked stilts and choking on that chicken bone twice, really? The episode does have several funny jokes though but it is easily below average no matter how you look at it.

I'm almost tempted to put Pranksta Rap above the previous episode except for two things: the terrible rap storyline, and Chief Wiggum being promoted only to go back to the status quo and never have it mentioned again. What was the point? I like the attention Wiggum gets and his scene with Barney Fife is really great but this episode just makes me shake my head. I despise rap and a Simpson trying to rap is cringe worthy. I should hope Homer proved that in Mr. Plow. Aside from that it just isn't memorable except for the rapping, which makes me think "oh yeah....that episode." Chief Wiggum helps keep this near average but even he's had better episodes in the even later Jean era. Aside from that, I sincerely doubt I'll watch this episode more than once a year if that.

And finally the episode which lives in infamy. Homer and Ned's Haily Mary Pass is NOT as bad as everyone says. It really isn't. However, it still sucks pretty bad and has pointless guest stars galore. Homer is obnoxious but it is for the sake of the story more literally than in any other episode so it's kinda forgivable. Flanders is taken to an extreme that helped form what many consider to be his new religious zealot character for the rest of the show. To an extent I can see what they mean but he's still had solid episodes since this so it didn't ruin his character as some would have you believe. "Home Away From Homer," "The Monkey Suit," "No Loan Again, Naturally," and "To Surveil With Love" were all good to very good Flanders episodes that aired after this. Still, a bad episode is a bad episode and this is bad. Not completely abominable and I think it would probably appeal a lot to a more casual Family Guy-esque audience, but it is easily the worst of Season 16 to me.

1.)There's Something About Marrying
2.)The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star
3.)Don't Fear the Roofer
4.)Fat Man and Little Boy
5.)Mobile Homer
6.)The Heartbroke Kid
7.)Thank God, It's Doomsday
8.)Home Away From Homer
9.)Midnight Rx
10.)Sleeping With the Enemy
12.)Treehouse of Horror XV
13.)Mommie Beerest
14.)On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
15.)The Seven-Beer Snitch
16.)Goo Goo Gai Pan
17.)All's Fair in Oven War
18.)A Star is Torn
19.)She Used to Be My Girl
20.)Pranksta Rap
21.)Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass

So there you have it, how I feel about all of Season 16. I knew I loved this season but it was actually even better than I remembered. I'm not sure but it now might actually be my favorite season after 8. I will have one more blog entry to do before I start my next season though:I will rank all 43 episodes of Seasons 15 and 16, probably sometime tomorrow so look out for that.

Aside from that I have a favor to ask all of you: Help me decide what season I watch next. You can pick 9-13,17-21. I am gonna hold off on season 14 until it comes out on DVD and season 22 is still too recent, but some feedback on which season you think I should rewatch next would be appreciated. Leave a comment on that and your general thoughts about Season 16, or my ranking of its episodes, below if you want. If I get no responses I'll just pick my next season myself. Thanks for reading.

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  1. hughes's Avatar
    season 20, my personal favorite postclassic season!
  2. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    20 was actually one of two seasons I have been leaning towards, thanks for the suggestion hughes!
  3. Blobulle's Avatar
    I suggest the season 21, but I like the season 20 too.
    Updated 06-21-2011 at 03:22 AM by Blobulle