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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 16, Part 3

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12.)Treehouse of Horror XV - 4/5
13.)Mommie Beerest - 4/5
14.)On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister - 4/5
15.)The Seven-Beer Snitch - 4/5
16.)Goo Goo Gai Pan - 4/5
17.)All's Fair in Oven War - 4/5

The next six episodes of the season all receive the well above average grade of a 4/5. Because of this, like with my 5/5s, they were very difficult to rank amongst themselves. It should firstly be noted that all of these episodes are solid, and that not much separates them from each other. Also, don't let the lower number rankings fool you. Oven War may be episode #17 out of 21 this season, but that is a testament to just how strong this season really is rather than saying anything bad about Oven War as an episode. Alright now let's examine each episode next.

This year's Halloween special is one of my favorite in the post-classic era. We start with a strong sitcom spoof with an excellent use of Kang and Kodos as well as the Perfect Strangers opening theme. The Ned Zone is a decent enough parody of Stephen King's The Dead Zone but my favorite running joke is Homer and his Frisbee. It is appropriately gruesome at times as well. Overall a solid opening act. Four Beheadings and a Funeral is the weakest of the three but still a fun little adventure which has nice animation as well as Kang and Kodos in mutton chops! In the Belly of the Boss is just full of great gags. Mr. Burns is particularly funny in this one. Ending with a great song and closing the same way we opened with the opening theme of Perfect Strangers ensures that this episode remains one I look highly on.

Mommie Beerest and All's Fair in Oven War are both Marge episodes but what makes Beerest better is she's given a much more interesting relationship in that episode. Her conflict with Lisa in Oven War comes off kinda stale and never really effectively built up while her relationship with Moe comes off as fresh and the Homer jealousy aspect helps work in some more solid jokes. I think they are both good episodes but the concept and execution on Beerest is just better. Also of note for Oven War is Bart's story which is my favorite part of that episode. That more than anything should prove why Mommie Beerest is the better Marge story.

On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister has a problem or two but it is still an enjoyable Bart and Lisa story with a fun, if quick, Homer subplot. The Seven-Beer Snitch is a solid Homer episode with an absolutely fantastic Snowball II subplot. They tend to get lost in a season with as many better and more memorable episodes as this one, but are a joy to remember and watch all over again.

Finally we have Goo Goo Gai Pan, this season's vacation episode. The crucial difference here though is that we have a legitimately interesting story which forces us to have the family go to another country. We care about what will happen with Selma. This in turn allows us to become more fully invested in the episode and enjoy it(including the jokes) on a whole new level. As I said in an earlier entry this episode, along with Something About Marrying, displays why Season 16 is one of the best for Patty and Selma.

It is tough to write opinions of episodes which I feel are so very close to each other in quality and not end up sounding boring or repeating what I said in their rate and review threads, but I am going to assume and hope that Season 16's tendency to have so many episodes with the same grade is not a continual trait of the post-classic era. Regardless, I tried my best here to explain why I like and rank these episodes as much as and the way that I do.

I will finish Season 16 in the next blog entry and recap how I rank the entire season. Thanks for reading!