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My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 16, Part 2

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6.)The Heartbroke Kid - 5/5
7.)Thank God, It's Doomsday - 5/5
8.)Home Away From Homer - 5/5
9.)Midnight Rx - 5/5
10.)Sleeping With the Enemy - 4.5/5
11.)Future-Drama - 4.5/5

Three of the episodes here all have very similar reasons as to why I liked them enough to give them perfect grades: They all have at least a hint of sharp satire, but at the same time manage to be absolutely hilarious. The Heartbroke Kid has several great gags including the wonderful opening with obese Bart. It gives us another fine Albert Brooks performance, and callbacks to both "Do the Bartman" and Homer's half-brother Herb, what's not to like!? It is also a great Bart episode in general. Doomsday is more relevant in the satire department today than when it actually aired! The whole episode is just really fun to watch with several solid lines but the last few minutes in heaven are the best and what helps ensure it deserves such a high grade. Midnight Rx also has some very nice pieces of satire and, again, is a very funny episode which tells a very interesting story. Several secondary characters including Burns, Smithers, Apu, Flanders, and Grandpa are all really used well here too. The reason it is the lowest of all my perfect scored episodes is because the plot itself is at times a tad wackier than it probably should be. It remains an episode that I deeply enjoy.

Home Away From Homer is a rather interesting episode for several reasons. It is largely overlooked by fans, but understandably I think because it has a sense of....modesty....if that makes sense. The word I used for it in the episode thread was "understated" and I think that probably works better. I don't think I can properly explain it but the episode doesn't try to do too much but be a nice Flanders story but given his character it actually comes off as a very innocent episode. I would almost liken it to the very early days of the show. Don't get me wrong though, it still has several wacky gags, mostly dealing with Homer, but maybe it's all the talk of "the good old days" in the episode itself but it feels like a blast from the past or basically an older episode in the modern age. Maybe that's what it was going for? If so it works fantastically well. As it is though I just really enjoy it for being a very interesting Ned episode with several great jokes.

As far as I'm concerned Sleeping With the Enemy is as close to a perfect score episode as you can get. I only took anything off of it because it never really resolves the Nelson's dad issue, even though it appears to do so. Nelson, as I have said before, is one of the best used characters in the Jean Era and this episode really goes a long way towards showing that. Marge is also used very effectively here and the idea of pairing her with Nelson was obviously pretty good. The Lisa story, while not having the greatest premise, is given plenty of time and still pretty fun to watch. Interestingly Homer has very little to do in this episode. Future-Drama is basically what Bart to the Future tried and failed miserably at being: a wacky look into the future that is actually very funny. The future forms of the characters are actually enjoyable to watch and it contains many solid one liners and other quick gags. I was honestly pleasantly surprised with how very solid its humor is.

So there you have it, I gave 11 episodes of this season no lower than a 4.5/5 so you can safely assume that I loved this year. As we continue now the episodes will dip in quality somewhat but don't expect it to be by much. Thoughts?