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J Dog

My opinions on Simpsons video games (Part 1 of a series)

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I love Our Favorite Family, and I am also a video game nerd, so I love those electronic games.

However, it has always seemed that the two cannot exist well. One can state that this is simply the nature of shovelware in which game developers can't get a show or film right because they themselves had little influence in the source material itself.

Or, one can cite the developer. The first producer of Simpsons games for home consoles was Acclaim (and Flying Edge for the Sega consoles), which ranged from the mediocre (Virtual Bart) to the horrible (the Master System version of Bart vs. the World).

Yet, there are those gems that we all can enjoy. The Arcade game (the original, not the iPhone version) can be classified as a pioneer by taking motifs such as healing items and partnering characters to double the pain and fleshing them out. Both "Road Rage" and "Hit & Run" not only served as great parodies of what the games were intending to spoof (Crazy Taxi and Grand Theft Auto, respecitvely), but also can hold their ground on enjoyment.

The problem is that, out of 23 main games (according to the hype from "The Simpsons Game") that depicted Simpson characters, in addition to the 3 made for cell phones (not counting "Simpsons Trivia"), only 4 are worth playing all together.

I'll be more than happy to start my blogs on this site by going in-depth from the old DOS games like "Bart's Treehouse of Weirdness" and the arcade game itself to "The Simpsons Game".

Be on the lookout, okay?


  1. hughes's Avatar
    the original arcade game, hit and run, and the simpsons game...what's the fourth?
  2. J Dog's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hughes
    the original arcade game, hit and run, and the simpsons game...what's the fourth?
    I side with "Road Rage", but you can also make a case for the iPhone beat 'em up.
  3. closeface's Avatar
    It's been over 3 years since part one, we're ready for part 2 now