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Labelling in Politics

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Does anyone else agree that it completely ruins serious debate when you begin to label people as right wing, left wing, conservative, progressive or whatever? It simplifies complicated issues. I'd argue that the majority of people have a mixture of different views and catergorising them as something cheapens the discussion and distracts from the actual point of the debate.


  1. Dark Homer's Avatar
    my political philosophy transcends all labels, the entire political spectrum, and at least five metaphysical planes of human understanding
  2. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    mine basically boils down to bowler hats for dogs.
  3. hughes's Avatar
    I agree with you--especially because some people seem to think that you have to agree with one party on all the issues (for example, people would automatically assume someone who supports gay marriage supports the health care bill, for example)
  4. UndeadSamurai01's Avatar
    hear hear
  5. buonanotte's Avatar
    I agree as well, parties were born a long time ago and the world is changed enough to require new concepts in politics.