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The other ratings for my F1 racing in review I didn't do!

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Turkey: Some good fun there, plus you had some good racing. Shame it wasn't very wet, as it was the wettest race I could remember this year. But still pretty decent. 3.5/5.

Bahrain (Full Circuit): This was quite boring in the middle and the end phrases, plus you had that near-fatal crash which actually scared me and made me worried. Could've done with more passing, but a miss for sure. Because of the crash, 1/5. (if not, 2/5)

Bahrain (Alt Circuit): Could've been better, but some solid racing there. You just had to feel bad for Russell, he had a great chance of winning it until Mercedes "Spectacularly Fucked" it up. Then again, we still had a first-time winner and a non-big 6 podium, so surprising podium there. 4/5.

Abu Dhabi: We end a season with a low note. The race just... Happened. There weren't a lot of passes, the gaps between cars were long, and in the end, none of the Top 3 changed, with a Lights To Flag win. It was boring. 1.5/5.

And that concludes the season. With some great races we also had some bad ones, most were at the start of the season.