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Reviewing the Imola F1 race, though 4 days late...

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To be honest, I kinda lost interest in doing them, but as the Imola GP aired on Sunday, I'll get it out of the way.

Alright, this was better than last week. It was more closer in gaps and there was more action, more retirements and more drama. I like some moments when someone struggles to get started at the start, he ended up retiring at Lap 9, so turns out it was terminal. The start was one of the better ones of the year, and the race actually had a good midfield battle. I also liked the last few laps, with Verstappen's puncture bringing out the safety car, but George Russell was so close to scoring for the 1st time, and he dropped it, which is a shame for him. However, the result was a Mercedes 1-2, yet again. But a Renault at 3rd satisfied me enough for the result.

My final grade for this is a 4/5: I liked this race and it exceeded my expectations. In fact, I kinda liked Imola more here than what it was back in the old days, a good solid race. And well done to Mercedes, who won the constructors championship for the 7th time and for confirming that one of their drivers will win the drivers championship.

I guess we can also hype for the Saudi Arabian GP, which has been added into the F1 calander!

Bye for now, but I cannot confirm another edition at this point.