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A short review about the Portugal GP

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Some spoilers here, no surprise here, but the review isn't as long as the more recent ones.

In all honestly, It was shit. No one retired due to crashes, and the one who did retire (he gave up) was in dead last. Just one in a higher position and for some technical failure would've been nice. The racing was unspectacular for most of it, and to top it all off, what a predictable ending. Mercedes 1-2 and Red Bull 3 again, boy do the rest of the field need to catch up. The gaps are a problem as well: 1st to 2nd was a good 25 seconds, 3rd to 4th was just under 30 seconds and 4th to 5th was long as well.

The good that Hamilton didn't lead it all the way (he did win BTW), Norris and Stroll's collision was enjoyable, but not satisfying enough and Sainz's lead was fun to watch and I guess the first 3 laps were fine.

I had more fun watching the support races (which were non-existent) and other racing. But it is better than pre-emptied programming

I'm sorry for the people who liked it, but it seems like after a few good races, and a few meh races, F1 has slipped back into the mediocracy they were after Britain.


1: You know who (Hamilton)
2: Again, you know who finished there (Bottas)
3: That Red Bull guy who always finishes here. (Verstappen)
4: Leclerc
5: Gasly
6-9: The usual bunch of Sainz/Perez/Renualts
10: Vettel
11: Raikkonen
12: Albon
13-19: The rest who finished

Stroll (Gave up)

For the list:

+ Sainz leading from laps 1-7
+ Perez's spin (or Laps 1-3)
+ Stroll's incident
- One retirement from the back of the field, no real retirements from crashes
- Mercedes 1-2, Red Bull 3
- The gap between people
- Uninspired racing
- Lack of passes
- Lack of real defences
- The rain held off

What a load of rubbish. I crave for mayhem, and F1 disappointed me. There's better things in sport, and they have more excitement. And to state a fact: I didn't watch it all. (turns out I didn't miss much )

And finally, Congrats Hamilton for breaking the most wins record!

My final rating for this race is 1.5/5. Not godawful but awful in itself.

Next up we go to that... death trap called Imola. It's an old school circuit but as said before, people have died there, both on 4 and 2 wheels (that last one was I think 4 years ago..., as for 4 wheels it was 26 years ago)

Anyway, Hamilton only has a few days for this to sink in, as he attempts to celebrate his achievements with his family and beloved dog Roscoe. Imola is coming up, a return for F1 to the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari for the first time since 2006 in what is sure to be an emotional weekend.

Can Hamilton extend his lead further next weekend? There are just five races to go now in this condensed season, and he has three races in hand over Bottas now.

And all of which means Hamilton is not that far away from reclaiming his world championship crown and tying Schumacher's record of seven titles.

Do join us again on Saturday - with no Friday practice remember - from Italy.

It is set to be an emotional return to Ferrari's heartland, with echoing memories of Ayrton Senna likely to abound. Can Hamilton win to honour the man who he grew up idolising? Or can his rivals fight back? We'll find out next weekend...

For me however, it's goodbye.


  1. The Abominable Dr. Lenny's Avatar
    I'm not a racing fan, but providing critical analysis to a race based on how many crashes it had seems inherently flawed. Shouldn't you be focusing on how well they drove rather than how badly they fucked up? I understand that crashes might be entertaining, but you can't really blame the drivers for not screwing up. They're just doing their best.
  2. Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar