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Reviewing the German GP: Part 3

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More spoilers here, as normal. This covers until the end of the race.

Lap 33:
Leclerc gets overtaken by Perez, only for him to reovertake him on the main straight.

Lap 35:
Hamilton starts to complain graining, Perez overtakes Leclerc, and Grosjean gets a Black and White flag.

After that I started to get less interested in the race, so only a few notes between here and the end.

Lap 40:
A swap between the 2 Ferraris take place.

Lap 44:
It's finally over for Norris, who car is on fire. He becomes the 5th retirement.

Lap 45:

The safety car is out! Many racers pit in, and this is great news for Verstappen, Perez and Riccardo. Everyone has now pitted twice.

Lap 47:
LAPPED CARS MAY NOW OVERTAKE- 16, 10,27,7,8,99,20,6,5,26

Lap 49:
With the pack bunched up, we are ready to go.

Lap 50:

We get back underaway, but the only notable ting is that Hulkenberg is now in 8th. He is attacking Leclerc for 7th.

Lap 51:
Meanwhile, Hamilton sets a new fastest lap.

Lap 53:
Vettel gets a position.

Lap 55:
Vettel gets yet another place. Can he get 10th?

Lap 58:
Hamilton gets another lap record. Meanwhile, Riccardo is looking good for a 3rd place.

The Finish:

It's Hamilton's 91st win in F1!

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