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Sporting Weekend In Review (10/4/2020)

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There's not a lot of racing going on today, as F1 is having a week off, but in the meantime we had a moment in the European Karting Challenge, where one of the racers threw his bumper into other racers, on a green track, so that's some racing entertainment, but if karters want to race at that level they should never do that.

Nascar's race was fun. We had a few wreaks here and there, along with some minor crashes.

In other news, we had a high scoring game between the Cowboys and the Brown's, which ended up in a 38-49 browns win. The Patriots and the Chiefs game will be done tomorrow.

In Soccer, Liverpool had one of their worst games in ages, losing 7-2 away to last year's 17th place finisher Aston Villa. There was also a similar result earlier today, with Man. Utd being beaten 6-1 by Spurs.

What a good week of sports. I'll be back on October 11 to review the Next F1 race.

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Racing Weekend In Review