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Racing Weekend In Review for the Tuscan GP

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Welcome back. Today we will be reviewing the Tuscan GP and it's support races.

F1 Qualifying

The funny thing about this session is on the F1 website, I guessed that Hamilton would get pole. Sadly, the qualifying session was once again a Mercedes 1/2, with a Red Bull in 3rd and the session itself was unwatchable. 1/5

F2 Race 1:

At the middle of the race, I thought that it was boring. Then, mayhem happens and rescues the race from a 1/5 to a 3/5.

F3 Race 2:

Didn't really catch up with it but from what I've seen, it was a boring race after the first lap drama. 2/5.

F2 Race 2:

It was a boring start to the race, and once again, around the middle of the race, I was really tempted to turn it off, if it wasn't for some passes and that incident. That 2nd one increases my grade, but to top it all off, a Lights To Flag Finish. 2/5

The Race:

What in the Lord is going on here? I love mayhem, and that is what helps me to like F1, but seriously that restart crash was nearly as bad as Italy '78. Sure, that first crash was fine, but trust me: Next time they race there, it' a gonna end up very badly. This race really reminds me of a 70's GP. However, once things settled, it was simply Mercedes' race once again, the only real passing was the Ferrari cars falling down the field and Vettel overtaking. Then came Stroll's crash, which closed the field and made for some more exciting racing. Overall, it's a 4/5, one of the more enjoyable races of the year.

Next week, we take a break from F1 as we review the 3rd Crown Jewel of Motorsport, The Le Mans 24 Hours.