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Racing Weekend In Review (Italian GP and support races)

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Italian GP Qualifying:

+The midfield Battle was good as expected
=I guess the 3rd-5th part was OK
-Mercedes 1-2 again
-Not as good as last year

Overall, a good qualifying session: 3.5/5.

F2 Race 1:

+Lap 6 An good battle
=An OK start
-Lap 2-5: Meh
-Other than that, a boring race.

Didn't really get interested in this race. 2/5.

F2 Race 2:

+Commentator's Curse!
=Another OK start, would prefer race one's start over Race 2
=OK Midfield Battle
-Lights To Flag Win

I prefered the first race over this. 1.5/5.

Porsche Supercup:

+An Lap One Accident. A classic type of crash where someone is out by the first corner
+I think this is the most crashes we had in one race, and we're only 3 laps in. I like that kind of mayhem.
+How these drivers struggle on the first chicane, it just makes me laugh.
-After that, it started to settle down a bit
-Another Lights To Flag Win

I normally like them here, but it wasn't as good as 2017. I will however give it an 3/5.

F1 Italian GP:

+Not one of the big 6 finished in the podium. Now nobody predicted that!
+What an wacky order midway:

+At least we had some retirements.
+First Red Flag since 1995. A truly historic day
+2 Standing starts in one race? OH-YEAH!
+Some really good passing moves here:

+There was not a dull moment throughout.

Funny thing, I predicted that Vettel would crash in the first lap. I was nearly right, he had a brake failure on Lap 6. And Leclerc crashed. Wow how that prediction was played out.

Some other notes:

Albon got a 5 second penalty for not leaving enough space. The penalties are becoming more and more varied these days.
Interesting on how they now use flag panels

See that little 'X'? That means the pit lane is closed.
I don't think we'll ever see this happen, all 6 of the big 6 having some trouble (Vettel retiring, Leclerc crashing, Verstappen retiring:

, Bottas struggled and Hamilton and Albon had a penalty).
What a huge crash Leclerc had. That was clearly a red flag.

This was the first race a McLaren (Since 2014) and Gasly led
This was the first race where a Frenchman won since 1996, Honda's first win as an engine manufacture since their return and AlphaTauri's first win since 2008 (4,371 days)

I take back what I said about F1 being boring in the last few years. I don't think I've watched a race as good as this since the German GP in 2019. I loved this race. If you ever wanted to watch F1 for the fist time, or, if you think F1 was boring nowadays, watch this race, This is what F1 Is all about.

5/5 for sure.

Oh my god. ***** Oh my god oh my god ***** oh my god yesssssss!
- Gasly, after winning the Italian GP

This race was AWESOME. Just Awesome.


1 Pierre GASLY (AlphaTauri)
2 Carlos SAINZ (McLaren) (+0.415)
3 Lance STROLL (Racing Point) (+3.358)
4 Lando NORRIS (McLaren) (+6.000)
5 Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes) (+7.108)
6 Daniel RICCIARDO (Renault) (+8.391)
7 Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes) (+17.245)
8 Esteban OCON (Renault) (+18.691)
9 Daniil KVYAT (AlphaTauri) (+22.208)
10 Sergio PEREZ (Racing Point) (+23.224)
11 Nicholas LATIFI (Williams) (+32.876)
12 Romain GROSJEAN (Haas F1 Team) (+35.164)
13 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN (Alfa Romeo Racing) (+36.312)
14 George RUSSELL (Williams) (+36.593)
15 Alexander ALBON (Red Bull Racing) (+37.533)
16 Antonio GIOVINAZZI (Alfa Romeo Racing) (+55.199)
17 Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing) (Rear Left Problum)
18 Charles LECLERC (Ferrari) (Crashed)
19 Kevin MAGNUSSEN (Haas F1 Team) (Stopped On Track)
20 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari (Rear Left Brake Failure)

And to end this review, here is Gasly celebrating with his team:


  1. Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar
    EDIT: Turns out that the winner of the 2nd F2 race has been disqualified for running out of fuel. So, my rating is now a 1.75/5.