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This racing week (F1/Indycar)

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I'm bored so I might've well review the races:

Belgian GP (TBH, I didn't watch it live, but the reviews have not been good)

Yay, more than 1 retirement!
That one crash was bad, but it saved the race from eternal boredom
Mercedes 1-2, Red Bull 3 (again)
Just a an boring race throughout: The final lap was ok but it was still meh.
Too predictable

Overall, an race that can be forgotten. 1.5/5

Bommarito Automotive Group 500 (Race 2)

An good last few laps
Not much action before the last few laps
No one retired
Race ended under caution (like Indy 500)

It was better than F1 but it's not up there with the best. 2/5

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Racing Weekend In Review


  1. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Bommarito Automotive Group 500? Is that race around St. Louis? Thatís a St. Louis company.
  2. Return Of The Living Trab's Avatar
    Yep, the race is in St. Louis