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Jakey Prince: Now in Blog Form!

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This is it: My 1st ever blog entry on this wonderful website so, I will start with my top 10 episodes of all time as of today. It can change daily so this is for the 21st of July 2020.

In 10th: Behind The Laughter (season 11)
9th: Homer vs Lisa And The Eighth Commandment (Season 2)
8th: The Wandering Juvie (Season 15)
7th: King Sized Homer (Season 7)
6th: Summer of 4ft 2 (Season 7)
5th: Homer The Heretic (Season 4)
4th: Deep Space Homer (Season 5)
3rd: Lisa's Substitute (Season 2)
2nd: Lisa's Rival (Season 6)
1st: Bart Sells His Soul (Season 7)


  1. 1010011010's Avatar
    Good picks. What did you especially like about The Wandering Juvie?