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I used to have a dream. I used to have a dream of ruling. And today i accomplished it by taking over this place. However ruling was so damn boring, there was nothing to do under the day with this dead ass place and i see all the members are still boring to talk to, nobody is entertaining not even Dark Homer. So i want to get banned now. It has been a fun little journey. I started this place in 2012 when i was still naive enough to think the good episodes were any good and were still able to actually care for you shits. I had my fun for three years but then i just got burnt out and quit. And now i came back and took over the place, however i realize now how dumb i was to ever like this place just like i realized a while ago how dumb i was to like the new Simpsons episodes.

So yeah i want to get banned. Ban me forever now so i no longer have to be part of this place. Oh yeah i should give you a reason to ban me. Lets see how many rules i can break before a mod comes and ban me!
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