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jiggling your balls

Grab the apple

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  1. Two-Bit's Avatar
    grab my banana
  2. Sam's Avatar
    grab my ass
  3. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    *grabs and throws it cuz ew green apples*
  4. pax-o'-lantern's Avatar
    I don't agree with that but I understand it
  5. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Is this like those “grab the fly’s wings” tests I always got at the eye doctor?
  6. pax-o'-lantern's Avatar
    It can be anything you want it to be
  7. Andre's Avatar
    Good Patty THRILLS profile pic
  8. Telso's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Grifty McGrift
    *grabs and throws it cuz ew green apples*
    Did you just insult green apples aka the only apples that matter
  9. pax-o'-lantern's Avatar
    They're not for everyone I guess