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Family Guy: It's A Trap

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I watched this and thought it was generally pretty lame. A lot of my complaints are nitpicky (they couldn't do something less lazy than just throwing a robe on Carter Pewterschmitt and calling the emperor? They couldn't have turned a few more background/minor characters into people from the show? Stan seems tailor-made to be some subcommander on the Death Star), but overall the humor was just generally weak and the lack of effort showed. The nodding scene was excruciating and along with certain other parts (going on and on about Seth Green) it screamed "filler" to me. More than anything though, it reminded me how weak Jedi is relative to the prior two films, so maybe it has something to do with the source material. Nevertheless, Blue Harvest and Something Something Darkside both had more of an irreverent take on the original films that was unique to the show, and this one really just felt like they were going through the motions.

I will say that the animations was quite beautiful and that the "Emporer in the hotel pool" scene made me laugh.