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2018 but I shitpost my way through it

24. in which I make the case that urinals are better than stalls for peeing

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1. you don't have to worry about aim. unless you are very very bad at peeing, which is a story for another blog
2. peeing in stalls is loud as shit. everyone gets to hear your pee splashing. the alternative is to aim for the sides of the bowl but why put yourself through that challenge.
3. you save water. #CaliforniaDrought
4. you don't have to deal with gross stalls with toilet paper and other delectable items all over the place. there are of course exceptions but I'd argue it is much harder to fuck up a urinal on that scale.
5. nobody is going to look at your penis cmon

after months of nothing but public bathrooms I have converted to the urinal faith and I encourage you to join us as well. otherwise please disagree with me in the comments below.


  1. goodfella's Avatar
    @5- that's what u want us to think
  2. Andre's Avatar
  3. tyler's Avatar
  4. pax's Avatar
  5. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    urinals are indeed better for peeing and, in my opinion, stalls are better for shitting
  6. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Urinals are terrible and gross.
  7. pilcrow's Avatar
    how are urinals the gross one when 99% of the ungodly messes I've ever seen were in stalls!!! did you even read this blog!!!!
  8. tyler's Avatar
    i suppose this does all lie on how fucked the stalls are where u go. the ones in our Local Stores are usually fine so im none too perturbed but regardless i still wont use a urinal cuz anxieties
  9. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Of course urinals are better for peeing than stalls. I didn’t think this was debatable.
  10. comeau's Avatar
    I prefer peeing in troughs. you've never lived until you've pissed in a trough at a bar with a bunch of other drunk dudes.
  11. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    but what if someone sees your penis
  12. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Peed in a trough at Wrigley Field. Was one of the most disgusting moments of my life. But that’s probably par for the course at Wrigley.