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setting things on fire

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well my putting objects on my cat series is broken until i get off my lazy butt and fix all the photobucket links(seriously eat my asshole photobucket), so i'm starting a new blog series. so let's just jump on in shall we?

today's subject is a toy car. this toy car to be exact(I didn't snap a before pic so I'm snagging one off google images):

this here is a Johnny Lightening brand 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge model. It's no Hot Wheels, but it'll do.

so, let's go outside to the driveway shall we?

well the car is mostly metal, so really what burns is the plastic bits, the wheels in particular. the rear spoiler and windows also burned decently. you better believe this mostly metal car was hot, so after pouring some beer on it, then taking it inside and running it under a sink...

hats off to this poor pontiac, there were no survivors.

stay tuned for the next installment, which will likely feature the tom brady cover of the newest madden game!


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    please continue this series
  2. Sam's Avatar
    interesting outcome. i also like the symbolism of the first picture saying Spoilers also meaning the Spoiling you do to the perfectly good car. very good series. subscribing to this
  3. pax's Avatar
    Film the Tom Brady cover burning please
  4. Corgify's Avatar
    This blog doesn't just enrich the forum, it enriches the ozone layer as well.
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