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whatever happened to...

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no not robot jones you fukkin fool.

@Evil Monkey? seriously what happened to this guy?


  1. Shaunbadia's Avatar
    Isn't he the one who got into a tug of war with his grandpa over the keyboard while in Tinychat? The kid who's folks/grandparents thought he was online talking to a bunch of kiddie fiddlers?

    Yeah, pretty sure he got grounded forever or some shit.
  2. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    one can only hope.
  3. 77-X-42's Avatar
    I don't know
  4. Telso's Avatar
    Why do u care about him
  5. 77-X-42's Avatar
    Idk :(
  6. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Is your response to everything "lol who cares", Telso?
  7. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 77-X-42
    Opinion on @Evil Monkey?
  8. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Geez how snarky, Rem. He didn't say "lol who cares", he just doesn't get why he cares.

    But yeah, I wonder too. He said he would return, but hasn't been here in 5 months.
  9. Telso's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein
    Is your response to everything "lol who cares", Telso?
    Is your response to everything to be overly defensive, Rem ?

    Basically what OSS said, Im just genuinely asking since comeau is usually the "lol who cares" guy of the forum.
  10. pax's Avatar
    let's be glad evil monkey is gone
  11. juStNick's Avatar
    started becoming active here after he left, so don't know too much about him. how was he? seemed like a discount handy from what i saw, but i don't really know.
  12. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    I died
  13. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    I had died and am still dead