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Usernote Classics #22

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Usernote Classics is back! Well, for now at least. It might go away if the series happens to come across another user note drought.

Today's episode will be featuring... *sigh* Financial Panther. I know, we're all sick of him, but he left another bullshit user note about Shaunbadia and this is what it said.

Yeah, this is pretty much a repeat of his previous user note against Shaun except with the whole "hatred for autistics" bullshit added in. Shaun then responded to it in what is probably one of the best user note comebacks ever.

And because this series has been gone for a while, here's another good response to Panth.

But that's not all. I came across this edit on the NHC Wikia that I found a couple days ago. (Don't ask what I was doing on a dead wiki.)

In May of 2015, Shaunbadia and fellow NHC user Smiling Politely revealed to the rest of NoHomers that they were dating. An avalanche of thumb upping on their posts relating to this ensued. It was voted as the "Moment of the Year" at the 2015 NHC Awards.Shaunbadia has since turned into an SJW extreme who becomes offended at the drop of a hat. He is one of the leaders of the hypocrisy cult that specializes in being calling people terrible with no realization of his own horrible nature. He is completely blind to how awful he is.
Gee, I wonder who that could be.

Actually I'm not 100% if this is Panther or if it's some guy pretended to be him or someone with similar views as him, but I really wouldn't be surprised if it is him. After all editing a dead wiki seems like something he would do.

And that was a new episode of Usernote Classics. After one month it's good to be back and if you come across and good notes, be sure to suggest them to me.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to @FormulaMoss. May he lol w/e XD in a better place.


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    The No Homers Club is a site about The Simpsons with an incredibly toxic atmosphere. It is full of self-proclaimed SJWs who are hypocritical in the extreme. They consider themselves to be accepting of minorities, when this is anything but the case. The site is a trademark exhibit of groupthink and shows how opinions change to reflect the ignorant masses. The way to become popular on the board is to ditch the Simpsons section and become a prick who belittles the less popular members. The people do the very things they supposedly decry and refuse to use logic to solve problems, instead resorting to pithy insults that they will take offense to if insulted back. They will chase members they believed to have wronged them to other sites in order to attempt to get members to turn against the other; unfortunately for them, these sites usually have apt moderators who don't let them do this. The members are unaware of how to let things go, even when presented with logic and facts; instead, they will scream at you in lieu of presenting facts on their own, because they lack the intelligence to have problem-solving conversations. It is truly a cesspool of intolerance, hatred, and hypocrisy.
  2. Sam's Avatar
    lol wow
  3. pax's Avatar
    ooh, mine was edited! let's see what it says:

    "General Vintage Pax, or simply known as just pax, is a member who joined 3 October 2014. He is a hypocritical piece of shit, which makes him your average NHC member."

    soooo much salt
  4. Telso's Avatar
    NHC wikia is a thing ?

    Wow, lmao
  5. Telso's Avatar
    Pre sure jetthead and panther did a collab on that nhc description
  6. goodfella's Avatar
    how do u keep up to date with usernotes bmc?
    Updated 01-18-2017 at 09:12 AM by goodfella
  7. juStNick's Avatar
    not sure what was there before, but I deleted it.
  8. juStNick's Avatar
    panther's part at the end at least