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Financial Panther

What do you people want from me?

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What do you guys want from me? To leave? Well that's not going to happen. I've tried taking a break from this site, but my Simpsons obsession doesn't allow that, and if people are just going to continue to bash me when I return, I see no point. I've tried just posting about Simpsons and not bothering anyone, but that appeared unacceptable to people for some reason. I have BEGGED people to tell me exactly what I can do to better myself, but all I receive are insults or the occasional cryptic message like "find validation in yourself." What the hell does that mean? I have tried being very nice to the people here when explaining my side of things, but I have not received that kind of treatment in return. There's something I'm doing that isn't satisfying people here, and I can't put my finger on what it is. If you could keep from insulting me and just try to COMMUNICATE with me, I think we could put this whole fiasco behind us and get back to happily boarding together.


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  1. comeau's Avatar
    *people's grammar
  2. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by comeau
    i mean the only thing you care about is getting us off your back so you can talk about cartoons. you just said it, after several pages of people telling you they don't want you here because they don't feel you are sincere. so yeah, you still haven't found your heart mr. grinch.
    See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. People don't think I'm sincere simply because I want to post again. I don't know what else to do to show my sincerity. I DID do something to follow through with my apology, but like I said, you've all made up your minds already.
  3. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnia
    can't discuss the simps and now you have no address list. what are you going to do with your life now, just correct peoples grammar?
    Seeing as how I've won multiple awards and scholarships based on my ability to do that, I think it's a great thing to do with my life and pursue a career in.
  4. comeau's Avatar
    must be hard to not be able to talk about some show that isn't even good anyway.
  5. Financial Panther's Avatar
    The Simpsons is my biggest special interest. It's extremely hard not to talk about it, especially after posting about it almost every day for the last nine years.
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
    Well I'm glad it only took 116 comments for you to admit any sort of wrongdoing. It's certainly not a gesture of absolute sincerity to delete your address list after four different arguments and 116 comments in this one alone, but eh at least it's something
  7. Torrens's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    What? Can't you tell I'm trying to heed the advice you gave in here? I directly asked about something you said and STILL haven't received an answer.

    Also, don't you think I'd like to leave? I'd like nothing better than to get the hell away from this toxic community and have said for a long time that I would leave once the show was over. But there is no other good place online to discuss Simpsons. Reddit is terrible, as I have said multiple times, and ATS is barely active.
    Toxic community? We're toxic? Fuck you. Just fuck you.

    GO. AWAY. You petulant child. THAT was my advice, that the "toxic community" that you care so little about, who you bitched about on Wrong Planet because you felt that they would be so much more accepting of your rape-planning ass before you got your dick wet via Tinder, could have a chance to heal from what you'd done and moved on, and maybe forgiven you. You know, with some distance from you. The distance you've refused to give.

    I'm not answering your goddamn question because I've wasted too much of my time trying to help you already. I regret all of it, I should have just blasted your ass and kept on blasting.
  8. Torrens's Avatar
  9. Torrens's Avatar
    Unless, you know, you want to spout some more apologies at us for just calling us "toxic". Again with the poor-little-me making yourself into a victim of the big bad NHC assholes who don't give a shit about the Simpsons.
  10. Financial Panther's Avatar
    I can leave for a little while, but only when that's the final piece of the puzzle. I'm trying to get everything else smoothed over first.
  11. Telso's Avatar
    Oh My Fucking God, what do you not understand in "Just Leave" ? What makes it so hard to understand ?
    You only took your status of not being banned as granted, spouting shit like "Im not banned so why shouldn't I post ?" while people kept repeating to you a billion times the reasons why you can't. You just can't, no one wants you here. Any chance you ever had has been ruined at this point.
    Just leave.

    I sincerely hope you're permabanned from the simps section and so your addiction slowly kills you.
  12. Torrens's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    I can leave for a little while, but only when that's the final piece of the puzzle. I'm trying to get everything else smoothed over first.
    No. You've fucked that up again and again and again. For fuck's sake, you just called us "toxic". Your words.

    You CANNOT just insult an entire group and then say, "I'll leave when I get things smoothed over first!" No, you just fucked up "smoothing anything over".

    You have problems interacting with and understanding people? There's some understanding for you. People don't like being insulted and then talked down to with your talk of "smoothing things over" so that YOU can paint us as the aggressors and yourself as the victim because you tried to smooth things over after you got done insulting us. It's like you stabbed someone with a pencil and then exclaimed over it and are like "Oh hey you have a pencil in you! here's a used band-aid I peeled off a zit on my ass to put on it!" You fucking stabbed us, dude, you don't get to parade in here with a shitty attempt to paper it over.

    There. Is THAT helpful?
  13. Telso's Avatar
    Cant believe this blog lasted for a whole week now
    You probably are the most stubborn person on earth FP.
  14. pax's Avatar
    "leave for a little while"

    nope, nope, waaaaaay past this fixing jack shit, stop bringing this idea up. and here's to hoping you leave fucking forever
  15. Matty's Avatar
    Stop trying to change. Change. Too late, though. I doubt you will ever regain access to the Simpsons section after some of the things you've said here. Pretty much your only remedy was proving to us that you can get acceptance from the community. That would've already taken a loooot of time and effort tbh, but insulting everyone is just hammering an excessive amount of nails into the coffin.

    What's the fun in discussing something if you're only going to get hateful replies or at best ignored anyway? You wouldn't be partaking in any actual discussion.
  16. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    @Financial Panther Just use imdb, for Christ's sake! You can get some decent discussion there. Just stop bothering us since you think this such a...

    Seriously, you son of a bitch. Don't you think you've insulted us bad enough already?
  17. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Or better yet, create your own non-toxic Simpsons forum.
  18. pax's Avatar
    that'll work well, bmc. or not. haha
    Updated 11-15-2016 at 11:58 PM by pax
  19. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Yeah, he'll probably find some reason of why he doesn't want to create his own board. He'll just make another excuse on why he should be unbanned from the Simpsons section so he can post about his favorite show in peace even though he'll never be able do that.
  20. Ryan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    The Simpsons is my biggest special interest. It's extremely hard not to talk about it, especially after posting about it almost every day for the last nine years.
    Have you read that article? Because you may have skipped this paragraph:

    So while most special interests are “harmless,” if an interest involves behavior that is illegal, taboo or a threat to your or someone else’s health or wellbeing, it may be necessary to seek help in redirecting your attention to a safer alternative.

    This is the point of no return, JT. Go away and never bother us again. If you don't want to, ok. You'll probably be banned. End of the line, kid.
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