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My Favourite Albums

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In which, I discuss my favourite Albums in no particular order.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - I couldn’t really do this list properly without an album from The Beatles and this is the pick of the bunch. There are a couple of duds (With a Little Help from Friends and When I’m 64 sound like they were written for adverts) but the album has enough stellar songs to cancel out these duds and be an exceptional listen. The album cover is also the best ever.

Highlight: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Plastic Beach - The Gorillaz have two excellent albums (the self-titled one is also pretty good but incomparable with the latter two). Plastic Beach is the pick of the bunch though. Even at it’s worst, Plastic Beach is never boring. The majority of the album is supremely catchy (specifically Stylo and Superfast Jellyfish). Forward thinking, interesting and exciting music. A masterclass in collaborative music. Fantastic concept album and album of the year.

Highlight: Superfast Jellyfish

Travelogue - This is the Human League’s most underrated and best album. It is slightly weirder than Dare with songs like Being Boiled and The Black Hit of Space indicators of this sublime oddness. The latter, in particular, is immense and is a lesson in storytelling in music and the possibilities that the use of a synth allows. The essential electric album.

Highlight: The Black Hit of Space

xx - This album deserved the Mercury Prize that it was awarded and all the critical praise that it has recieved as it is simply sublime. This is the best that Indie Pop has to offer. Really easy to listen to and VCR is extraordinary. I hope the xx go on to even greater things as, if this album is anything to go by, they are a very talented band.

Highlight: VCR

Hunky Dory - David Bowie’s best songs are scattered around several albums so I was almost tempted to be abit ‘Alan Partridge’ and say the Best of David Bowie but as an album, this is his best work. How can you argue with Life on Mars?, Changes, Andy Warhol and Oh! You Pretty Things? David Bowie is arguably more influential than the Beatles and listening to this album makes this clear.

Highlight: Life on Mars?

Honorable mentions: Rays Guns are not just the Future, Revolver, Hot Fuss, Victory for the Common Muse, Parklife, I Walk The Line, Thriller, Dare and Demon Days.

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  1. buonanotte's Avatar
    I didn't have the chance to listen to Plastic Beach trough out but I am sure is as good as the previous ones. The first album was amazing, the second let me down a bit but the two hits were with the all joint.
    They are probably the best contemporary band.